3-d-bbbb-cover-web2010September 8, 2011 marks the three-year anniversary of bringing Bye-Bye Boring Bio to market.  So far, this book has helped thousands of service professionals — coaches, consultants, authors, speakers — tell their stories to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.  In addition, this book has opened the door for me to serve clients around the world through my products, workshops, keynote presentations, mentoring programs, and services. Given the challenges we've faced growing our businesses during the Great Recession, these are results worthy of celebration.

Because I am in a generous and celebratory mood, I am offering you two high value gifts to enjoy right now.  Best of all, your quick action to claim them will be rewarded in your business, just in time to make your fourth quarter results the best they can be.

The first gift is immediate access to a juicy recorded webinar that will guide you to get “rock star” ready to welcome the kinds of opportunities you seek.  As you watch this 60-minute webinar, you'll marvel as I makeover a number of boring bios to become client attracting invitations right before your eyes and you will also:

  • Get a really good taste of the engaging manner in which I deliver relevant and useful content to support your success.
  • Experience how coming on along for the five-part Broadcast Your Brilliance webinar series might feel for you when you enroll to benefit.

The second is a $100 coupon code you can apply by midnight on 9-10-11 to make the wise choice to enroll.

Personal Attention, Useful Tools, and Results that Count

In this webinar series, you'll be shown step by step how to prepare your story, broadcast your brilliance, and prosper in the spotlight with me as your guide.  Each of five webinars within the Broadcast Your Brilliance series is packed with content and personal attention in just about equal measure to showcase how to tell your own best client-attracting story now. From preparing your bio to pitching your story to the right media to making the most of press releases in today's digital age, we'll cover the nuts and bolts of what you need to know to make every move you make count for the visibility and profitability you seek in your business.

Scores and scores of satisfied clients — service professionals like coaches, consultants, energy healers, speakers, and authors —  have taken this course and welcomed remarkable results.  Getting their stories covered by the Associated Press, winning new clients in competitive situations because their stories were better, and welcoming media interviews and speaking gigs are just a few of the rewards already reported.   Just about everyone raves about my “word wizardry” that helps them get beyond “stuck” to describe what they do in a way that creates interest and excitement right away.

When you enroll,you can apply immediately for “steeping hot seats” to get first priority for my attention to be paid to making your story the best it can be.  I love the “coaching and creating in the moment” to help you figure out the best way to get your message out to your ideal clients to invite their interest in what you bring to market.  Hearing about the success stories that unfold during the program — media placements, client wins, new speaking gigs, stepping into bold confidence, and more  — as a direct result of actions taken during the program — is so satisfying. To tell you the truth, teaching this virtual course has become my favorite way to be of service.

Here again is the link to tune to benefit from the recorded webinar and gain access to your $100 discount code:

Why wait a moment longer to grow your expert status, attract perfect clients, and boost your business results?  It's all within easy reach. You just have to receive the gifts, welcome my support, and take inspired action based on the lessons and tools packed within this program.

Remember, your $100 savings code expires at midnight on 9-10-11 — access it here.  If it is time for you to say bye-bye to boring storytelling and hello to great business building opportunity, you know it.  I can't wait to learn more about you and guide you to the results you seek and of which you and your story are so worthy.  The course begins October 5, 2011 at 11 a.m. PST.   Be there!