Buy Bye-Bye Boring Bio by the Bundle and Save Big!

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3-d-bbbb-cover 2nd Edition

This popular and well-reviewed book guides users to craft bios that make it a whole lot easier for them to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for their expert status.  Best of all, users can follow the easy-to-use templates and refer to abundant examples to prepare their best stories with ease and confidence — finally.  The three audio MP3 files that are part of this program add even more value for helping serious business owners become Masters of Enrollment, make money from their books before they are published, and learn create ways to tell stories that will help them stand up, stand out and SHINE in all their brilliance as soon as possible.

The per unit price drops considerably with quantity orders that are shipped to one mailing address.

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Buy Bye-Bye Boring Bio Books by the Bundle and Save Big

Contact: Nancy S. Juetten, 425-641-5214,

(October 20, 2010 – Bellevue, WA) – Solopreneurs and small business owners struggle attracting clients and finding the right words to describe what they do and why it matters. To ease these pains in a way that reaches the greatest number of people to benefit, Bye-Bye Boring Bio ( Creator and Publisher Nancy Juetten debuts attractive volume discounts today. Bundle pricing makes it even more affordable and convenient for groups and associations to support their members with practical tips and tools they can use to prepare and share their stories to attract clients now.

The popular and well-reviewed 143-page Bye-Bye Boring Bio program is packed with road tested and proven templates, bio examples, useful articles, and three content-rich audio files that make crafting effective bios easy and time-efficient for those seeking clients, speaking gigs and media interviews now. Juetten says that Bye-Bye Boring Bio books can be used in additional ways to support results that matter to organizations. For example, they can

  • Offer the book as a “thank you” gift for membership renewal or committee leadership contributions;
  • Offer the book as a bonus gift with event registration or other high value purchases;
  • Use the book as a registration incentive for the first XX people to sign up for the next big event;
  • Gift the book to members to set up the New Year for better storytelling success in the New Year.

Organizations can also purchase the books at quantity discounts and then sell them to customers at retail price to generate additional income to support their missions. They can also join Juetten’s affiliate program and earn 30% commissions to reward referred sales.

“In today’s demanding economy, organizations everywhere can benefit from finding new ways to welcome additional revenue streams. The beauty of the affiliate program is that there is no inventory to manage or costs to incur. Best of all, commissions for referred sales can be ongoing and lucrative for organizations that advocate for Bye-Bye Boring Bio to their members.

Bye-Bye Boring Bio retails for $47.  However, when purchased in quantity and shipped to a single mailing address, the price drops considerably.

Buy 50 and save 50% — $23.50 per copy

About Nancy Juetten and Bye-Bye Boring Bio:

Bye-Bye Boring Bio ( creator Nancy Juetten has spoken to thousands of business owners through radio interviews, teleseminars, and workshops about how to upgrade their bios to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. Satisfied customers report reaching more clients and inviting new engagements as a result of the bios they write with Bye-Bye Boring Bio as their guide. The newly released 2nd edition seeks to serve as the solopreneur’s ultimate action guide to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for expert status. Juetten welcomes book reviews, interviews, and invitations to train groups ranging in size from 10 – 100 people to transform their boring bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now. Get in touch at 425-641-5214 or by email at

3-d-bbbb-cover 2nd Edition 143-Page Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook, packed with bios that are already attracting clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now! 3-d-bbbb-cover 2nd Edition 3-d-bbbb-cover 2nd Edition

Want Your Bye-Bye Boring system as a Spiral Bound Workbook with 143 pages to turn, savor and enjoy forever?

Buy Bye-Bye Boring Bio by the Bundle and Save Big!

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