You spend time obsessing about the right words to use in your autoresponder sequence to nurture new leads to become clients.

You set them up in your shopping cart to do their job.

But do you ever circle back to see how those emails are working for you?

If you are getting lots of sales, chances are, you know things are working.

Good for you.

But if sales are lackluster, what then?

Well, one thing to check out is how well your audience is opening and clicking on the links you provide.

My shopping cart makes it easy to monitor these kinds of things, and my virtual assistant runs reports so I can check the status over time.

I've been watching a particular follow up sequence over the last 60 days to notice open rates and click rates, and I've been making adjustments every 30 days to see about improving my results.

Everything is testing, testing, testing. We can always improve and find leaks in the “lead faucet” that need to be plugged.

I decided to accelerate the sequence of emails because the prior sequence was taking a bit too long to deliver.

Over the last 30 days, open rates for my sequence improved by about 3% — going from 21% to 24%.

That's progress!

I noticed that one of our emails in the sequence (the last one) has been particularly strong the whole time because a ‘spike' in open rates has been apparent.

That sure reads like an URGENCY opportunity for action to me!

However , two of the messages leading up to that final message have been considerably weaker by comparison.

What did I do?

I deleted those messages from the sequence because I want readers to be engaged with every message at the highest level.

I also want them to be inspired to take the next step and consider taking that next step to be URGENT as a way to get a real problem solved.

We'll see how these adjustments play out over the next 30 days with improved engagement, clicks to the call to action, sales for the featured product, or get acquainted sessions with the fee only financial planning team.

>> As a result of reading this post, are you inspired to find a leak in your ‘lead faucet”?

If so, share what you find out and how your actions to make the most of what you learn pay off.> Are you inspired to get your personal financial life organized before life serves up a bump in the road?

>> Take the new and improved message sequence for spin and see how well it serves you and the people you love.

[Case Study] What you measure gets treasured ... Open rates increased from 21% to 24%