Alex Mandossian offers a case study about how his NEW business bio makes a big impact in his business

When the value remains, long after the price is forgotten …

When the value remains, long after the price is forgotten ... THAT is when you know that you've invested in something that really matters to you and solves a problem that is standing in your way of living your best life and making your best impact. Many years ago --- after a breast cancer scare, [...]

Amazon #1 in Four Categories — Thank You for the Support!

On Monday afternoon, my book PREVIEW for the Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook achieved Amazon #1 Best-Seller Status in four categories. #1 New Releases -- Communication Skills #1 45-Minute Quick Reads for Money and Business #1 Advertising #1 New Releases - Running Meetings and Presentations #5 Running Meeting and Presentations Today, it is STILL #1 [...]

Aspiring Speakers: If You Want to Step Up to Bigger Stages, Get Ready First

Note: I wrote this article in 2012, and it bears repeating. James Taylor’s classic song “That’s Why I’m Here” offers lyrics that speak to the desires of many consultants, experts, authors and speakers to get known and get paid. He writes, “Fortune and fame. Such a curious game. Perfect strangers call you by name. Ask you to [...]