I did something really bold late in 2017.

With the help of the folks at Constant Contact, I identified who had not opened my ezine in a very long time. In an instant, I deleted those names from my list — just like that.

I didn't save the names to one day re-target via Facebook ads.

I just deleted them. Clean and neat.

(Some might say that was reckless or worse.)

The truth is that ezine open rates were hovering between 8% – 10% for quite some time. In my gut, I felt and still believe that it is far better to serve those who open and read my ezines than kid myself that a big list is more important.

For 2018, my focus has been on delivering massive value to my engaged subscribers by offering content and perspectives that invite “opens” and “click throughs.”

What are my results so far?

For the first ten ezines for 2018, my open rate has hovered between 31% and 33%.

The click rate has hovered between 1% and 8% with the average being 3%.

Celebrating 2018 Ezine Open Rates of 31% - 33% So Far ...

I am corresponding with far viewer subscribers and getting some good conversations going that are absolutely leading to great results for my newest clients and welcome results in my shopping cart.

And because I am doing my part of deliver massive value to my community, my own ‘DELETE KEY' is getting a lot more exercise. I am not spending time or diluting my focus by opening emails packed with hype. That is a very good thing.

This leads me to ask questions about how you are using email to serve your audience in the best possible way.

>> Are you paying attention to open and click through rates?

>> Have you found ways to engage and serve that are paying off for you?

Please post in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!