This is the year I am making a big shift in my business, playing a bigger game, and working to my full potential.  That is why, over the next few weeks and months, you'll be seeing some changes here at the blog.

1)  I'll be changing the brand message and imagery to focus on the timely and essential theme of Authentic Visibility.  Even my email address has changed.  You can now send me email at  Please do!

2)  You'll read more posts that relate to the ultimate result that matters most to you, which is to Prosper Now.

3)  I'll be debuting new virtual workshops and services to guide you to Prepare Your Story and Broadcast Your Brilliance in systematic ways that deliver the WOW you need to stand out and shine as you attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now.

Why the Changes?

  • Well, I've been listening very closely to my clients and readers.  I've been getting in touch with the aspects of my work that truly light me up and cause me to jump out of bed and into great work every day.  And I've been getting some great support to guide me to a higher mission of service.   It feels really great to have found a new groove to serve in a bolder way.
  • I think my biggest wake up call happened in April.  Since 2001, I have had it in my mind that I am the “backyard gal” to help people share their messages in their own hometowns.   I was operating under the notion that my business was mostly in MY own backyard, too.   My husband Steve Juetten, a financial planner, shared some news with me after the first quarter.  He said, “I hate to break it to you Nancy, but you aren't a backyard gal anymore.  Over 90% of your product sales come from outside of your home state.”  With all my emphasis on the storytelling and the words, and I hadn't realized how far and beyond my own reach had grown.

As I move ahead, I'll share more of these kinds of posts that let you in on my own journey of growth, my own “aha” moments along the way, and some of the lessons I've learned to show up and speak my own truth.   It's a little scary.  But I am stepping forward to truly SHOW UP nevertheless.

What I know is that my best clients are on a similar journey.   We are all trying to make an impact, be remembered, and attract more of the right attention, clients, and prosperity to fuel our best work and our best lives.   This blog will speak to that journey, including the pitfalls and the pearls of wisdom collected along the way.  You'll get more of those kinds of posts because that is where the real juice is anyway.

As always, I am listening.  I want to hear from you.   Please connect here, share a comment, ask a question, and let's continue the conversation as we all do our best to truly show up, stand out, and shine.  Why wait another moment longer?  We've got important work to do in the world.  Let's start today.