Sometimes, other pressing news stands in the way of your news earning media attention.  Such was the case with a story pitch I made several times to a number of local community papers in my own backyard on behalf of my friends at the Chat with Women Radio Show.  Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff have demonstrated the courage to follow their dreams, while giving others a platform to be heard.  I say “Amen” and “Hurray” to that.

And, because I believe their story of pursuing their big dream is well worth celebrating, I am sharing it with you today.  May this story inspire you to take big, bold steps toward the big, bold future you envision for yourself and your business in the New Year to debut soon, no matter what the naysayers or dream squashers have to say.

Impossible things are happening everyday, so said the Fairy Godmother to Cinderella.   The same message is as true for you as it is for me.   What we do to take action to bring our dreams to life is what makes the most important difference.  So, with that said, let's celebrate a story of dreams coming true in perfect timing to make a big difference …

radio_withBennyChat with Radio Show Opens the Door for Big Dreams to Take Wing and Fly

On October 21, 2005, Bellevue resident Rochelle Alhadeff and Redmond resident Pam Gray launched a radio program on a local radio network called the Chat with Women Show.  Marking their sixth broadcast anniversary is an occasion that offers them and their mid-life and beyond listeners proof positive that successful career and life reinvention can happen at any age and give dreams wings to take flight in ways never prior imagined.

“We wanted to create a community to serve women aged 40 and better, earn a place as a trusted resource for information about issues women care about, and give them a voice to be heard,” Gray said, adding.  “We have done that and more.”

Never Too Old to Make Big Things Happen:

At launch, both women were 58 years of age.  Broadcast industry experts told them that their idea for a radio talk show for women only didn’t have a chance.  Others said they were too old to be relevant.  Still others said that women don’t listen to talk radio.  Did either have radio broadcasting experience?  No.

“So many naysayers and dream squashers showed up to throw cold water on our idea, yet we persevered,” Alhadeff said.

This year, these veteran radio show hosts proudly celebrated the sixth anniversary of service to their growing listening audience with a long list of accomplishments to their credit.

A Mission Worth Fighting For and Much to Celebrate

Their idea at launch was to motivate, inspire, and educate with fun and love.  They have achieved that and found ways to monetize the effort to the benefit of their balance sheet and beyond.

  •  Quality sponsors including Verity Credit Union, Chef by Request, Homewatch Caregivers sign on and stay because the programming reaches their ideal audience of women decision makers with sufficient impact to justify their long-term investment, Alhadeff says.  These commitments and others generate advertising revenues well into the six-figures each year.
  • Their enterprise is profitable and poised to make an even bigger impact as the newly upgraded site adds video, community-building live events, and an expanded expert line up.
  • The Chat with Women Radio Network now boasts 10 radio hosts who are reaching out to women radio listeners in numbers estimated to be in the 14,000 – 45,000 range every week.  There is a wait list for show times for new hosts, Gray reports.
  • A-List radio guests including Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Whoopi Goldberg, and Suzanne Sommer have appeared on their program, along with scores and scores of subject matter experts with commentary to share of unique appeal to women.

Lessons Learned Along the Way:

Gray and Alhadeff have learned lessons along their journey to give birth to their dream.

  •  Choose partnerships wisely.
  • Create an “inner circle” of trusted advisors who have genius beyond your own.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Create a flexible business model that offers the promise of multiple streams of income from the start.
  • Get your family on board with your dream.  Big dreams require the investment of time, money, and resources.  “Everyone has to pitch in and take extra responsibility for what happens at home so the business can thrive.”
  • Don’t hear “no.”  Don’t say “no.”  Never give up, and listen always.
  • Believe that dreams can come true, and take action every day to make it so.
  • Do the work.
  • Laugh often and much.
  • Take time to celebrate accomplishments to refuel for the ups and downs that are inevitable.

What is Next for the Chat with Women Show:

Gray and Alhadeff are putting their focus on the use of video on their newly upgraded site to give all the hosts and themselves an even more powerful way to connect with women, engage, and join the community.

About the Chat with Women Hosts:

Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff are best friends, business partners, and women on a mission to bring women 40 years old and better together to live, laugh and love – even when life isn’t smooth and easy.  Creating, growing, and improving the Chat with Women Radio Network to serve as the go-to source to reach mid-life women with the discretion and influence to make purchase decisions of consequence is their top priority.  Learn more at, join the conversation, and enjoy the tips shared by the Chat with Women team of experts who share their expertise via engaging and content-rich videos designed to inspire, teach, and empower.