Michael Ray, host of Dresser After Dark, invited me back to his talk show last night to workshop his bio on the air.   Listen in and see how I offered some compelling upgrades to transform his bio from OK to really great in short order, thanks to the lessons I teach in the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide and share via the Extreme Bio Makeover service.  Here is the link to make it easy for you to listen in.

I’ll be doing this same thing for up to five lucky folks who RSVP for the AOE March 2 Bye-Bye Boring Bio teleclass that I blogged about yesterday, so hurry and claim your place so you can benefit as Michael Ray has.  Here is the new amd improved bio we created during the call:

michaelAbout Michael Ray:

Four words that describe Michael Ray’s life and business philosophy:

“OK. I Can Do That!”

Michael Ray, host at Dresser After Dark, is a talk show host with passion, skill and talent for coaxing outstanding content from guests whose messages shine with confidence, clarity, and relevance.  His engaging interview style sets the stage for authors, experts, and trainers worldwide to captivate, inform, and inspire action.

His 27-year career in radio and media skills training got its start when he sat down behind a microphone at a radio station in Fairbanks, Alaska in January of 1983.  Since then, he’s interviewed thousands of radio guests from stations all across the Midwest and beyond, and he can’t wait to meet who comes next.

Ray is a sought-after media skills trainer serving clients such as X, Y, and Z around the globe with his proprietary media skills training system. His new book — “The Link to Connection: Techniques for Getting What You Want Out of Any Media Interview On or Off the Air” is coming soon and will guide experts the world over to achieve winning results through the power of compelling and engaging conversation.

Guests such as (important name, important name, and important name) on Dresser After Dark describe Ray as engaging, thought provoking, and gracious.

Michael Ray lives in the Milwaukee area.  His passion for conversation is rivaled only by his enthusiasm for living an engaged and vibrant life.  Something about him that might surprise you is that his biceps are impressive enough to turn heads and stop traffic.  He is often mistaken for being decades younger than his XX years.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: If you are an author, expert, or consultant with great content to share with Michael Ray’s listeners, get in touch with his producer Susan Greenman to pitch your story so you can benefit from a much wider audience for your message. Visit this link for the relevant contact information.