Two days ago, I blogged about how business anniversaries don't necessarily earn front page news.  But they can earn media attention in the right venues with just the right timely, newsworthy, and relevant story hook.

Case in point — a story by M. Sharon Baker about how I reinvented my business during the recession to survive and thrive appears in today's issue of Rain Today. Rain Today is the premier online source for insight, advice, and tools for growing professional services businesses.  That is certainly a well-targeted audience for how I serve the marketplace.

Here is a brief excerpt from today's article:

After offering professional public relations services to small and medium-sized companies for seven years, Nancy Juetten, founder of Authentic Visibility, realized she spent too much time having coffee or tea and giving away free publicity advice to prospects who ultimately could not afford her services. Rather than look for ways to halt such requests, Juetten, a solopreneur in Bellevue, WA, saw it as a market opportunity and used that information to reinvent her business, a move that helped Authentic Visibility thrive despite the recession.

You can read the complete case study to learn how this independent practitioner created a 6-figure business with multiple revenue streams during a recession by signing up at Rain Today for a free trial.

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The information you'll receive during this fabulous sale will equip you with the insights you need to earn media attention for your winning ways, including writing a rock star bio, preparing and sharing your story so the right people will listen, and guiding to you decide if publishing a book is the right approach for you to build your expert status now.  And you'll get it all during the sale for $49.   That's why you won't want to miss this amazing deal.

Why not take your savings and treat someone you like, trust, and respect to coffee or tea to chat about what you learn.    Spread the wealth of knowledge so independent professionals everywhere can succeed in what an article by Richard Greenwald for the Wall Street Journal describes as “the age of going solo.”

Let's all make more Rain Today.