Oh, the fan mail just keeps coming.   From time to time, I rent my PR brain by the hour to provide extra guidance to buzz seeking business owners in the quest to get what they need.  Not long ago, I had a very productive conversation with Branding Expert Steve MacDonald, during which I shared a few tips to help him build the buzz for his expertise.   He runs a think tank for highly differentiated value, and he knows of what he speaks.

He has since put my advice into practice and invited three $7,500 engagements to benefit clients and his own growing business.  Check out what he had to say about our conversation and what has happened since.  And be sure to check out the great articles he has since posted to BizNik that are empowering others with quality advice and inviting quality clients to his care.

macdonald“A couple of months ago, Nancy told me about a new online business networking site called Biznik.  It was incredible advice.  I can directly source three clients from the contacts made at Biznik that account for $7,500 in fees each.  This has been an incredible boost in my business and a great service to those clients.  I certainly think it is because Nancy has a pulse on what avenues there are out there to you make things happen for your own business.  For instance, Biznik offers great networking opportunity to connect with local business owners via a multitude of local events, and BizNik offers an online, social networking component that allows you to publish a profile, articles, blogs, tips, promote events, etc.  And each time you post a comment. there is a back link to your site that helps improve your rankings with the search engines.  Nancy has collected an assortment of ideas and opportunities that don’t cost money.   They just require a little time and effort to get great results.  She also turned me on to an event promotion service called Full Calendar to make it easier for me to promote marketing events on my planning horizon. It has worked for her and others.  That is what is great about Nancy.  She doesn’t recommend anything that she hasn’t already tried herself.  Each and every time I talk to her, I tend to get re-inspired in the possible new levels of success for my business.  My experience is proof that Nancy can help you help yourself.  We are in a day and age in which spending money behind marketing that we have no idea how it is going to work for us are over.  And Nancy is well equipped to start you off.

Now, I can’t promise that you’ll attract three $7,500 engagements as a result of every conversation you have with me, but I can promise you at least one time saving tip, attention grabbing resource, or other high-impact way to share your story that will make the investment of your time and money with me well worth it.  I can’t wait to be of service so I can share YOUR success story here for all to see.