Elizabeth Venturini

What a difference a couple of years can make.  Here is the success story of College Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini, showcasing the progress she has made in a short period of time to get known, get paid, and tell her story well.  She is a graduate of the Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program.  Take it away Elizabeth!

I started working with Nancy through her original 2011 program Bio Branding Wow Now Webinar Series.  My original intention was just to rewrite my bio and learn how to pitch a story to the press for my college admissions and career practice. But then my simple intention took a 360 degree turn. In September of 2011 my husband was going to Italy to make a major announcement on his findings of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, the Mona Lisa.  I thought as long as I am in the class maybe I will learn something that will help him get some press attention, too.

The press attention for “The Mona Lisa Code” landed us 194,000 internet citations and front page placement in every major Italian newspaper within a 24 hour period – all during the weekend the Italian economy was having a complete financial meltdown. It was very exciting to get so much press coverage in such a short time. And to think I hesitated to spend the $497 to enroll in Nancy’s class to learn how to do this!

To get my own business CollegeCareerResults in the news, I quickly signed up for Nancy’s Broadcast your Brilliance Webinar Series.  Nancy worked with me to position myself as a recognized expert in my field – helping stressed out parents get their kids admitted to college and graduate with a job. From help writing press releases to developing a rock star media kit, Nancy was there every step of the way. Later I enrolled in her Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program.  Nancy provided me with the right touch of encouragement and at times some tough love to get me where I am today.

Rock Star Accomplishments

Here are Elizabeth’s most notable accomplishments so far that show how she made herself a media “rock star” and parents’ secret weapon to help them launch their teens into their dream schools and future careers.n 2012 she claimed the title and branded herself as the College Career Strategist.

  • Her website clearly states her mission is to help parents “launch” their college-bound teens so they don’t return home as boomerang kids.
  • Her “Failure to Launch – Not an Option” College Career Mentoring packages are designed to give parents more college career options for their teens than they thought possible. Elizabeth focuses on the benefits and results of working with her to get teens to:
  1. Plan ahead to make certain their academic credentials match their career aspirations
  2. Look and speak the part to prepare for college admissions and career interviews
  3. Show they are confident and graceful as they behave and dine their way to success by their own definition
  • Elizabeth knew her college career advice worked when she heard from happy parents where their teens were admitted for college and the scholarship amounts they received. Like the old E.F. Hutton saying, “When Elizabeth speaks . . . parents listen.”
  • Since 2012 Elizabeth has been ranked #1 on Google for “college career strategist” resulting from using the techniques provided in Nancy’s teleseminar programs. Her insights on college and careers have been featured in over 50 major publications.
  • When she first started with the program she had only a handful of articles to place on her website.  Now Elizabeth has so many articles cited on the Internet she can’t keep up with them!
  • Elizabeth landed clients with these major press releases:
  1. For those that Prefer to Text than Talk, 6/2012 (an article on the importance of etiquette for students timed with National Business Etiquette week
  2. Timely Tips for Parents who Need to Launch Teens and Avoid the Boomerang Kid Effect – No Matter Who they Vote for, 10/2012 (an article on how to launch graduates with a job after graduation, timed with the 2012 presidential debates)
  3. College Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini Takes Issue with Hollywood Movie “Admission”, 3/2013 (an article on getting teens college and career ready timed with the release of a major Hollywood movie about college admissions at Princeton)
  • Elizabeth has made several media pitches that earned media attention – including a front page article and photo-op in her hometown newspaper, The Desert Sun about the importance of etiquette for college-bound teens through her program Charm School for the College-Bound
  • She is now sought after by writers for her commentary on college and careers.  She was recently interviewed by prominent writer Matthew Solan of NextAvenue.org (a service of select PBS stations) and featured in his article, “Why Delay Your Dream Job?”
  • Elizabeth is hosting her first big teleseminar, “Failure to Launch – Not an Option” College Career Mentoring for Parents. During this call parents will come away with practical actions they can use now to get their teens “college career ready” to launch fabulously in college and in a career path they will love after graduation. Go to www.collegecareerresults.com and click on the “teleseminar” link on the home page navigation to gain access to the call.

I remind Elizabeth all the time how far she has come since we started working together.  For example:

  • She learned the importance of a mentor to help her become successful
  • She developed a rock star media kit that she is proud to use anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
  • She is ready to host her first of many teleseminars to reach parents globally and help them launch their teens for college and their future careers.

But what brings the most joy to Elizabeth?  After all the test taking, maintaining GPAs, gathering recommendations, participating in extra-curriculars, she loves hearing teens with big smiles say these three words, “I got accepted!”

Elizabeth says, “Nancy –  you are the real rock star. Thanks to you, I have learned how to tell my story and tell it well.”