Creating an offer you love that your ideal clients gladly buy and mistakes to avoid right out of the gate

Tune in to this conversation between me and Bryan Arnold that is part of his “create your offer challenge.”  We talk about elements to include in your offer and what to double down on to make sure you love delivering the program as much as your ideal clients rush to invest into it to get the benefit or the relief.

Sometimes, we follow the advice of gurus to create amazing funnels and schemes that theoretically work, but when you have to deliver those offers, you feel sick to your stomach and know that this is not the way you are supposed to show up and serve. I have been in business for 20 years and learned from and invested in the best coaches on the planet. I know how to do homework and get an A.

But creating a path to success based on things that are not a fit for who you are and how you best serve can be counter-productive.

  • There are mistakes to avoid, such as :
  • Starting first with a low ticket offer.
  • Failing to apply a fair tuition for the exchange of value.
  • Allowing wrong fit clients to have a seat in your program.
  • Not setting proper boundaries around access to you.
  • Deciding to suffer more instead of stepping up to serve at the highest level.
  • Forgetting to build a loyal audience for your work every step of the way.

Earning education at the school of hard knocks over time, things are much better for me now.

Have fun. Make money. One without the other isn’t good enough.

If you build it, make sure you want to live there and serve there so there can be joy and prosperity there for you, your clients, and everyone touched and transformed by your programs.

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