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Now that You Know You Have Food Allergies,

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Design a Healthy Life

If you have just found out that you suffer from food allergies and you want to learn how you can live, shop, eat, sleep, and play without worry, fear or overwhelm, welcome.  You have come to the right place at the perfect time to get what you need to love your new life.

 Hi.  I am Karen Kent. 

(Your photo here, looking vibrant, healthy and alive.)

My mission and commitment is to help you navigate life deliciously while honoring your food sensitivities.   Working together when the need is urgent for you to receive and embrace new information, we will design YOUR healthy life so you can embrace and love it.  Really.

If these complaints have been present in your daily life until now — digestive distress, pain, bloating

Headaches, fatigue  and “brain fog” and gas – you will soon replace them with welcome benefits  — digestive ease, pain free joints, no abdominal discomfort after meals, clear thinking, more energy for life, no more embarrassing moments around food – that are cause for celebration.

 Quickly and painlessly, you will awaken from a life on auto pilot and instead take an eyes-wide-open adventure to welcome new and mindful choices that will enhance your health and your life and the planet, while embracing your new life journey with ease, joy, and fun.

 How My Journey Serves You

 In 2004, I was in the same situation you find yourself in today.  All at once, I felt immediate relief to finally know that certain food choices were standing in my way to truly love my life.  And I was ready to move forward to learn to make new choices that would ensure that the discomfort I used to experience was a thing of the past.   Newly diagnosed by my doctor as gluten intolerant with other food allergies, I had to learn new ways to navigate my life with my family and friends so I could honor my body’s unique needs and still participate fully in all aspects of my busy, active life.  I immersed myself in study, cookbooks, and resources to learn just about everything I could to gain mastery over my health through better diet.  I also discovered clever ingredient substitutions that often taste better than whatever was on my “forbidden” food list.

 What I know to be true based on over a decade as a successful interior designer and a lifelong passion for health and fitness is this.   When life is orchestrated around these five essential pillars – Live, Breathe, Eat, Sleep, and Play – everything gets a whole lot easier. 

 Here at my blog, through my content-rich newsletter, training events, fun field excursions, and so much more, I offer you and your family access to basic and advanced strategies and tactics to build your own solid foundation to design YOUR healthy life.  

 From your pantry to your dining room table…

  • How lighting and bedding influence sleep …
  • How stress can sabotage or accelerate your success
  • What to do to control the toxins you carry into your home from the stores where you shop
  • How
  • How

 Today, through a combination of private mentoring, VIP days, and online products, people like you who have just discovered their food allergies can quickly and easily step beyond this temporary speed bump to proceed full speed ahead.  I want you to love your new diets and your life all the more.

 Your Call to Action:

If you are serious about navigating this important journey with an expert guide to show you the way and hold you accountable for delicious success, schedule your complimentary Design Your Healthy Life consultation today.   During our brief phone chat, you can share where you are along your journey so we can craft a winning path to design the healthy life that is your perfect fit, starting today.

Email Karen at to find a perfect date/time to schedule your consultation.