Now that June is here, the timing is right to look back at the last six months of DIY publicity activities and business results to determine which of your DIY publicity activities have been delivering the greatest good for your brand, reputation, and your business results.

Ask yourself about the five most powerful lead generation strategies you have employed and consider how consistently you have applied them. If you are falling down on the consistency piece, commit now to do a better job in that regard. Nothing fabulous typically happens with a one-time effort.  Most successful people in the world work with passion, consistency, and purpose over a long period of time to achieve lasting success.

I really believe that Jack Canfield writes in “The Success Principles.”  He says, “Practice the Rule of 5.  This simply means that every day, do five specific things that will move your goal toward completion.”  How are you doing in that regard?    Now that June is in full swing, there are six more months to 2009 during which you can bring more passion, tenacity, purpose, and consistency to your DIY publicity efforts and everything else you do to build and grow your business.

We can't control what goes on in the economy, but we certainly can influence the factors under own own control to fuel our own prosperity.  Learn new skills.  Connect with a powerful potential partner.  Share your expertise with a new audience.   Make some magic manifest.  If not now, then when?

Speaking of learning new skills, today is the last day to register for the June 12 Publici-Tea™ in Portland, OR.

And, I am taking an abbreviated, high value DIY Publicity Workshop and Q&A Session for a spin in Tacoma, WA on Wednesday, June 24 from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. with my co-host Tammy Redmon.  Premium ice cream for all will be provided by Cool Cycles Ice Cream Company! You can read all about it and register at this link.

These events give you the opportunity to connect with other, like-minded business owners who share your desire to get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media and have an open mind about new ways to build the buzz to advance prosperity.  Treat yourself to some time away from the work-a-day details of your busy life and business, and learn some powerful, lasting skills to keep your business in the media spotlight. The price for the Tacoma workshop ($40) is a huge bargain for all the high-value , actionable information and special bonuses that are yours to enjoy. I'd love to meet you and be a partner in your DIY publicity success.  Register today.