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Authentic Visibility – 2011 Menu of Storytelling Options

Choose Your Ultimate Result and the Level of Personal Attention You Desire.

Program Your Ultimate Result Access to Nancy Your Investment
All About YOU VIP Day! DIY publicity blueprint strategy, tactics, ideas, resources and more! All day, in-person session that is all about YOU. $2,500*
3 Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Sessions Get direction, guidance, resources, support and accountability for action and results. 3 private one-hour sessions by phone $ 897
1 Build YOUR Buzz
Strategy Session
Get direction, guidance, resources and support. 1 private one-hour session by phone $ 347
Extreme Bio Makeover One “rock star” bio to attract clients, media interviews, or speaking gigs now. 1 hour private discovery call, plus Nancy writes your bio for you with your thoughtful bio homework supporting the process. $ 697
NEW Rock Star Readiness Group Tele-Series Starting 3-15-11! 5 bios you prepare with group support and feedback. Five 1-hour content calls, plus Q&A shared with classmates $ 497#
Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workshop – LIVE 1 “rock star” bio you craft with laser “bio feedback” from Nancy. ½ day shared with up to 10 guests. $ 297#
DIY Publicity Success System Prepare and share your story on a DIY basis – print and audio tools, success examples, and inspiration to guide your journey. N/A $ 247!
Bye-Bye Boring Bio + Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing E-Summit! Prepare and share your story on a DIY basis. Print, audio, and video tools, success examples, and inspiration. Perfect for aspiring authors,experts, and speakers! N/A $ 147#
Bio Feedback Laser Session Nancy offers thoughtful feedback by email about your best effort bio draft to make it even better! Quarter Hour $ 100
Bye-Bye Boring Bio Every bio you need created on a DIY basis. Includes access to 3 content-rich audio files to guide you to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for your expert status.
Choose print or digital version. Or enjoy both for $10 more!
N/A $ 47

* Includes DIY Publicity Success System – physical product in chocolate brown or soft pink binder
# Includes digital version of Bye-Bye Boring Bio
! Includes the printed spiral bound version of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.
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