Do you ever feel INTIMIDATED by an interview host or a podcast guest?Do you let that stop you from showing up at your best and pitching the best shows?

Do you allow your intimidation to propel you out of your comfort zone and into a new place of service?

This was a candid conversation that came up between me and Holley Mignosi after a recent interview between us about body language and gestures to build hypnotic influence.

We admitted feeling intimidated for different reasons.

We decided to do an interview about why and share it with you.

There are powerful lessons to be gained about worthiness, mindset, and standing in and on your own brilliance without apology.

Watch and get the value from this very candid and powerful conversation. Please post a comment about how well this conversation serves you!

This separate interview Holley gave for my Learn More Earn More YouTube expert interview series about body language and gestures to build hypnotic influence is also packed with golden nuggets of value.

This is for you if you want to:

• Know how to adopt the body language of leadership;
• Learn how to be more charismatic on virtual stages;
• Discover the one body part that always points to the leader of the conversation when a group of people is taking;
• Stop doing the #1 thing that breaks rapport when it comes to body language;
• Discover the 7th Digital Sense (we've heard about the 6th senses- could there be a 7th?);
• And so much more!

You'll be putting some of her suggestions into practice with your next on camera interview or stage performance.

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