Diva toolboxThe mission of Diva Toolbox is to empower, educate, and entertain women. This site seeks to provide insight into issues that affect women, to inspire women to achieve, to educate women in both practical and intellectual subjects, and to create a supportive and nurturing community. Through your contribution, the Diva Toolbox intends to present timely articles, engaging stories, powerful testimonials, and wise words from members of this online community.

I like what the Diva Toolbox is all about, so I have contributed a number of articles for feature there as part of my own DIY publicity effort.  This month, this site is recognizing me on the homepage as a featured contributor.  I love this extra visibility in a community that can most certainly benefit from the expertise I share.

What can you offer to the Diva Toolbox?  Article submissions are welcome.  Here is a link to learn how to make your submissions.  If you write and place four fabulous articles on well targeted sites to serve your ideal customers, what kind of magic will you manifest for your business this year? Invest some time writing to serve others, earn fans for your work, and welcome new opportunities to serve.  It’s just that simple.

Just last week, I met someone for the first time and she said, “I feel like I know you already because I’ve been following your ‘Media Savvy’ newspaper columns in the Puget Sound Business Journal and elsewhere for many months.”  That was music to my ears, and it will be music to yours — once you follow my lead and start writing and sharing articles as I am suggesting in this post.   If the audience for Diva Toolbox is right for your expertise, start there.   Other great places to start are www.biznik.com and www.ezinearticles.com.   The key is to get started.   How about today?