Back in 2006 and 2007, I had quite a few people I like, trust, and respect tell me that I should launch a blog to build community, showcase tips to guide DIY publicists to get seen, heard, and celebrated, and make this a regular part of my service to others.  The first time it came up, I ignored it.  The second time, I thought twice.  By the third time, I felt a bit like a horse's behind and that it might be time to buy myself a saddle!   On September 1, 2007, this blog debuted.  And I've been blogging ever since.   Truth be told, it has been among the single most powerful things I've done to build my community, grow my influence in my own backyard and well beyond, and build my business.

Now, shifting the focus to video, the same thing has happened.  Starting in 2007 — just at the time the blog debuted — people I like, trust, and respect and who were a whole lot more successful than me told me that I should start showcasing my perspectives on video.   Again, the first time it came up, I ignored it.  The second time, I thought twice.  By the third time, I knew I didn't want to buy another saddle for myself.

With the help of some capable and talented people, I started posting YouTube videos about DIY publicity.

What did posting these videos do for my business?   Business owners from my own backyard and beyond viewed them and came to the decision to attend my Publici-Tea™ and bio writing workshops.  Radio hosts viewed them and invited me to contribute to their programs.  Meeting planners viewed them and decided to invite me to speak for their large groups.  Even though the number of total views of my videos has not been huge, the impact on my ability to get to that “trust, like, respect” place faster with people who have not yet met me in person has been meaningful.

Have I been seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED?  Without a doubt, the answer is decidedly “YES.”

So, let me make a little confession.  I own a very fine HD digital camera, and I still don't quite know how to use it.  Nevertheless, I am finding ways to get my own video game on, and I'll be debuting a new 10-minute video presentation one day later this week that is content rich and can guide you in the ABC's of common bio blunders.   My hope is that a whole lot of people tune in to benefit from the message and want to lean in to learn more.

Do you yet  have your video game on?   What are among the best resources you have in place to share your message in this powerful way?  And what are the ways that you have been rewarded for that effort in your business?   Please share so those who wish to follow in your video footsteps can get there faster!