When you listen to the words people use to describe what ails them, there is copy gold.  Christine Kloser — who is leading Transformational Author Experience 2012 — said she was suffering from “the bio cringe” when Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! arrived at her front door.   In short order, her pain was relieved.   Another person said, “My bio needs triange.”  Still another person said, “911 — I have a bio emergency.”  These are the actual words clients share when they come to me for rescue,

What words do your clients use to describe their pain when they knock on your door?   Start listening closely for these “sassy sound bites” so you can start weaving them into your website and marketing copy, your conversations, and your media appearances.   It won’t take long for your listeners to tune in and know immediately that you are the perfect solution to whatever is ailing them.

And if you and others you know are seeking relief from “the bio cringe,” tune in at 10 a.m.PST  today for my interview with Christine Kloser about exactly how.   Here is the link to register and listen in live or via the recording that will be available to you through Monday.

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