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Tomorrow  from 5 – 8 p.m. the first Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up and Match Making Event takes place at the SODO Commerce Building in Seattle.   I just learned that the event organizers will be charging more for tickets at the door.

All of you who have been waiting until the last minute to register conveniently online now have a compelling new reason to act now.  When you do — and your enter MSMS in the special discount code — you save $15 and have the additional benefit of knowing that your place is secure for tomorrow night and that you’ve gotten the absolute best value.   Plus, drinks are free the first hour.

Why attend?

If you know a lot about how to use social media for business and you are someone who knows far less, you can meet up and get your questions asked and answered, while enjoying cocktails and bidding on fine art.  Proceeds from the fine art auction will be donated to Ravenstone. This is an organization that guides artists in the fine art of doing business.   Event ticket proceeds will be donated to the EO Accelerator Program, which is committed to guiding business owners quickly to achieve revenues to reach the the $1 million target.

Salty Waffle Founder Nicole Donnelly will be baking up Salty Waffles, which are her trademark.  What better way to bring people together to connect, collaborate and grow than to entice them with the sweet aroma of freshly baked waffles with a hint of salt for memorable good measure?  Speaking of which,  Nicole has created a new social media application called BigRuby that makes it possible for users of social media to measure the impact of their campaigns.   She’ll be on hand to talk more about BigRuby and give event guests an opportunity to check it out.

So, don’t wait a minute longer.  Register right now, while you are thinking about it.   I’ll be there and hope to be able to answer some of your social media questions and meet up with  the perfect  people who can answer some of mine.  See you there and then.