New-Package-HOME2Oh the thrill of seeing news about a worthy product travel far and wide and in perfect timing.   I love that.

This morning, news about the Dot Girl First Period Kit landed on and quite a few other news outlets, just in time to serve last-minute back-to-school shopping needs for young girls who may soon be experiencing their first periods unexpectedly at school.

Here’s the lead paragraph, which I had a lot of fun writing:

SEATTLE, Aug 23, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — With the news from Pediatrics about puberty coming as early as seven years of age for girls around the world, Kathy Pickus — co-founder Dot Girl Products ( — says parents and their daughters should take a lesson from the Boy Scouts when it comes to back-to-school shopping: Be prepared. Pickus recommends that parents stock backpacks with one additional item so girls are not caught with their pants down, not knowing what to do when they see red.

You can read the full release as it appears this morning on at this link.

This release “piggybacks”  on major news that broke earlier this month about puberty coming early for young girls.  It also “piggybacks” on the timeliness of the  back-to-school shopping season that is now in full swing.   Most importantly, it offers timely tips and information to guide parents and their daughters to navigate an important time in the lives of those young girls.

I can’t wait to learn what happens with respect to new website visits, inquiries and sales of the new product, and additional media pick up about this timely news.

If you have a young girl at home who is anticipating the first day of school, follow the tips Kathy Pickus recommends in this release and be prepared.  And, if you are a mommy blogger or journalist who writes about parenting topics and prepares product reviews, Kathy is happy to chat with you and offer even more useful information to serve your readers.