If you have a product to share that is perfect for Mother's Day, why not reach out to bloggers and offer your products as a blog giveaway prize? Seattle Chocolate Co. One way you can do that is by signing up and making your products available for review via BloggerLinkUp, a new and free service that debuted on April 20, 2009.

Another way you can do that is to suggest it when you respond to HARO, PR Leads, or ProfNet media queries.

About a week ago, I received a ProfNet media query asking for last minute Mother's Day gift ideas to review.  I responded right away to suggest some of the delicious, exquisitely packaged gift ideas from Seattle Chocolate Company to meet her need.  What followed was a quality email exchange that resulted in the creation of a blog contest that offers premium chocolate lovers across the nation the opportunity to win a Fleurish Heart Box as a result of entering.

What I love about this contest is that it requires that contest entrants visit the Seattle Chocolate Company online store and share in their contest entry the item they love the most on the contest blog.  Since chocolate is a passion product, this contest reinforces desire, builds buzz, and offers the opportunity for one lucky entrant to win.

Contest entries are sharing wonderful comments about Seattle Chocolate Company on this site.  They are also entering on Twitter, Facebook, and spreading the word via their blogs.  What a great way to spread good news about a very delicious opportunity.

Visit to read more about the contest and enter.  The contest is also posted on the home page of My Shopping Connection.  And, if you would rather just treat yourself and all the moms in your life with a gift of the Fleurish Hat Box from Seattle Chocolate Company, here is even more great news.  The product is on sale now for just $9.99 at the company's convenient online store.  Make your purchases so all the moms in your life will be seen, heard, and celebrated … with premium chocolate this Mother's Day.

Next time you submit your product for review, why not suggest a blog contest like this?  That could turn a single product giveaway into a much bigger, buzz-building deal for everyone involved.Seattle Chocolate Company

Speaking of sharing passion comments,  if you are among the thousands of people who love Seattle Chocolate Company, your comments are welcome and appreciated on Yelp.   This is a site that makes it easy to share your reviews of all the products and services you think are just great — including those you find at Seattle Chocolate Company.  Ask YOUR customers to post reviews here about how you serve, and watch your rankings on Google grow to new heights of visibility.