It pays to register for Publici-Tea™ Express early.  To follow are the names of the winners who registered by 10-9 in order to secure their place at the 10-16 Publici-Tea™ Express.

If you would like to win these prizes in anticipation of the November 6 Publici-Tea™ Express, be sure to register by October 30, 2009.  The prize drawing to celebrate early registrations will be held on Halloween, October 31.   There is a fabulous buzz and business building tool for you among this list that is sure to scare up just the right inspiration to guide your success.  The key is to act now and register early.

Winner names are noted in boldface type.   Prizes will be available at the 10-16 Publici-Tea™ Express prize table.

Nancy Juetten
3 Prosperi-Tea Cups, $11.95 Value (each):
Stacy Willoughby, Diane Easley, and Kelly Kirkland

Publici-Tea-to-Go Gift Bundle to Benefit Women Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, $57 Value,
Heather Van Schoiack

Mark Rollo,
2009 Book of Lists – Puget Sound Business Journal, $60 value
Gail Sideman

Steve MacDonald, One Month Free Trial – Practical Social Media eMagazine,” $29.95 value,
Stephen Tillotson

Tammy Redmon, 52 Tips for Exquisite Self-Care,”  a $7 value
Jeanne Logman

Susan Harrow, “Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul,”$24.94 value
Astara Briski

Lori Richardson, “50 Ways to Score More Sales – Inspiration and Tips to Fearlessly Energize Your Business to Score More Sales,”$19 value,
Kathleen MacLoed

Hoan Do, “Succeeding in the Real World,” $14.97 value
Jackie Foskett

Maria Ross, “Build Your Own Brand Strategy in 10 Easy Steps,” a $50 value
Karen Quirk

Whitney Keyes,“Media Tips for Small Business Owners,”$7.95 value
Patrick Woods

Stacy Karacostas, “Small Business Website e-Bible,” $27 value,
Penelope Bell

Deborah Jones, “IsaDelight Chocolates and Tea with Deborah to discuss the Isagenix Opportunity,” $50 value,
Meisha Rouser

Mae Peck, “Marketing Consultation and Tea with Mae,” to learn how to use Comcast Cable TV and Comcast Website Advertising to Build Buzz for your Business,” priceless!,
Debbie Whitlock

Melene Thompson, General Sales Manager, KRKO Radio 1380 AM Sports Radio, “30 Minute Consultation to Learn How to Use Radio to Build Your Business,” priceless!, Melene.Thompson@Melene.Thompson@KRKO.Com.
Paul Anderson

Patrick Snow, “Creating Your Own Destiny,” a $24.95 value
Richard Scott

patrickBy the way, if you’ve been thinking about self-publishing a book so you can have a powerful tool to build your expertise and bring a new stream of income to your business, check out the services Best-Selling Self-Published Author Patrick Snow offers to help you get on the fast track to get this mission accomplished.   He’s offering his three-day Best-Seller Self Publishing Institute December 15-17 at a resort in Suquamish, WA.  If you mention  “Nancy Juetten” when you call to learn more, you’ll enjoy a fabulous “Publici-Tea™” discount.  Get in touch with Patrick via this email address:  Patrick knows what he’s talking about.  His own self-published book, “Creating Your Destiny” is an international best-seller.  And the book is a great read.  Check out the favorable reviews here.

Patrick tells me that  John Wiley & Sons bought the rights for both of his books with the following release dates: Creating Your Own Destiny: How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life and Work (April 2010) and The Affluent Entrepreneur: 20 Proven Principles for Achieving Prosperity (September 2011).

Patrick’s success path speaks volumes about the power of a DIY publishing effort. Start with a self-published work.  Make it the best it can possibly be.  Sell a truckload of them on your own through direct selling and professional speaking.  Then, get a two-book deal from a major publisher.  That’s a success story.

Special thanks to the generous authors and experts who have given generously of their expertise to support the success of Publici-Tea™ Express workshop guests on 10-16 and 11-6.   Register now, while you are thinking about it!  Join 50 like-minded publicity-seeking business owners who are aligned in their desire to stop being well-kept secrets through the power of DIY publicity and social media.  You’ll be glad that you did.