A few years ago, I had surgery to remove a breast lump.  It was a very scary experience.   Fortunately, my lump wasn't cancer, but the experience made a profound impact on me.   Women every day are being diagnosed with breast cancer and starting the fights of their lives to survive and thrive after diagnosis.  It takes courage, support from family and friends, faith, and more to fight back.

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthNorthwest Hope and Healing is a non profit organization that provides support services to breast cancer patients and their families.  Funds raised help provide signature “healing baskets” in addition to providing child care, counseling, transportation, meals, plus emergency rent and utilities to women receiving breast cancer treatment.  It is a cause that does my heart good to support.

So often, we tell ourselves, “When I get to a certain revenue target, I'll make cause-related marketing a priority.”   Given my own scare with a possible breast cancer diagnosis,  I decided not to wait until my company got bigger before weaving cause-related marketing into the fabric of my company. “Someday” isn't on my calendar.   I am in action now.

Starting in December of 2008, my company started donating 10% of the net profits from the sale of Publici-Tea™-to-Go Gift Bundles to Northwest Hope and Healing.  Every quarter, I write a check.  The checks may not be huge, but I am writing checks nevertheless.

The Publici-Tea™-to-Go Gift Bundle is a hot pink tote box filled with DIY publicity tips, tools, and inspiration to guide business owners to earn their own publicity.  The bundle also includes a Prosperi-Tea Cup, a tea bag,  premium chocolate truffles, and Biscot-Tea™, along with a brochure that explains the good work of Northwest Hope and Healing.  The product is available for sale year-round.

Here are at least five things I did to spread the word about this initiative:

  • Issued a press release via PRWeb;
  • Earned a story in my community newspaper;
  • Earned placement for the product on a retail philanthropy site called Uptown Liz
  • Earned a story in the magazine for the health club where I belong;
  • Debuted a sales page at the blog and made comments from time to time to support the effort;
  • Earned a partnership mention on the Northwest Hope and Healing website.

publici tea

DIY Publicity Questions for Today:

  • What is your company doing to give back to a cause that is close to your heart?
  • Are you doing at least five things to communicate your commitment to the cause so your ideal customers can join you?
  • How has giving back to a cause made a difference in your company and your life?

Special Offer for Today and a Suggestion:

If the Publici-Tea™-to-Go Gift Bundle is a product that you would be proud to give and receive, please do.  The first 50 people to act will also receive a Zook Hook purse hanger as a special bonus gift!

And do somthing today to encourage a woman in your life who is surviving and thriving after breast cancer diagnosis.  It will do your heart good — and hers, too!