Would you believe it if I told you that 26% of the people on today's “LIVE” call about transforming boring bios from wallpaper to wow decided to take action and make a purchase today?  That was super encouraging news.  Being somewhat new to this process of sharing useful content by teleseminar, I can most definitely say that I was seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED today.  And just under 200 people decided to become part of my community as a result of  having the opportunity to learn how to kick their boring bios to the curb.

I am really pleased with the feedback, the opportunity to build relationships with new members of my community, and to welcome sales to reward me for the effort put forth to share this information with a wider audience.  And, one new media interview invitation came my way as a direct result of the buzz created about this topic, and that interview takes place on Monday.

One good thing leads to another, and that is a beautiful thing — especially since I am in launch mode for a product that can ease the new client attraction pain that is deeply felt by so many who just struggle telling their own stories.

I'd love to hear from others who are offering teleseminars to find out the kinds of results they are welcoming.  Truth be told, this is a relatively new activity for me and having benchmarks about what to expect would sure be great.

In any case, so encouraged am I that I am extending the same amazing offers to those who elect to listen in on the REPLAY, which you can opt-in to enjoy via this link.

Offer #1: Nancy's 10-10-10 Deal for a Great 2011

Be the first 10 people to treat yourself to the newly released 2nd edition of the popular and well-reviewed Bye-Bye Boring Bio program and you'll benefit from a 10-minute laser bio feedback session with me to kick your best effort bio draft to a higher level of fabulous. The only catch is you must submit your draft to me on or before 12-10-10 so you can start 2011 with a new, rock star bio to serve as your ultimate client magnet.

vol1_vol2_coversAnd, the next 147 people to act — either by signing up for an upcoming Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop or engaging me in an Extreme Bio Makeover — will benefit from the high value gift of 147 powerful etips to boost business and profits through the power of free publicity.

First, you have to PREPARE your story.  Then, you have to SHARE your story.  It's really a step-by-step process that you have to keep taking to make progress along your journey to expert status.   The key is to get into action because when you do nothing, nothing happens.

So, listen in to the call that generated plenty of fan mail in real time and plenty of action on the parts of those who have declared NOW as the perfect time to attract more clients with a “rock star” bio that stands out and shines from all the rest.

And, if you are in a buying mood, just visit this link. The first 10 to buy get that 10-minute bio feedback session with me, and I am pretty good at this and will do my best for you!

dan_janal_leftSpecial thanks to Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads, for introducing me to his community of people who are serious about earning expert status and taking action to make it happen.   Welcome to the Authentic Visibility tribe.  It's great to welcome you here!