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Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten Shares “Expert Status Readiness Reality Check” to Guide Solopreneurs, Authors, and Experts to Prepare and Share Their Stories to Welcome Success in the New Year

(December 21, 2010 —  Bellevue, WA) — With 27 million people doing business in Free Agent Nation, many solopreneurs want to get known as experts.  Do-It-Yourself Publicity Expert and Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten says many are just not prepared for their moment in the spotlight.  As a result, they suffer lost opportunities to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.

“The gap between what aspiring experts want and their readiness to step up, stand out and shine in their own light is a huge hurdle that stands between opportunity and prosperity,” Juetten says.  To ease that pain, today Juetten shares eight questions to ask and answer to find out how ready they are to welcome expert status.  She also offers the GIFT of a virtual workshop to guide aspiring experts to learn even more, provided they visit in time for Christmas.

  • My head shot looks great and looks like my current reflection in the mirror.
  • I have a link to my compelling short bio on my website or blog to  share with every media query, pitch, and  opportunity I seek.
  • When CNN Radio or NPR Radio call, my two-sentence radio introduction and my five favorite questions to be asked and answered are ready to share at a moment’s notice.
  • My teleseminar packet is ready to share with my joint venture partners to set the stage for an amazing presentation, earn a ‘wow’reaction, and invite repeat visits.
  • My most popular and in-demand speaking topic shows up as a bold headline on my speaker page.
  • I have a compelling speaker introduction that captures attention and brings people to their feet before I speak my first word.
  • My Twitter profile is alive with personality and credibility.
  • My ‘bio box’ for online article submissions makes it easy and compelling for readers to opt-in-to my ezine, rush to get my special report, and become a fan and follower of my work.

Juetten says that thoughtful preparation can save aspiring experts valuable time,  Most importantly, preparation can offer relief from last minute scrambling, message point SOS, panic, worry, and aggravation that can accompany unexpected invitations to respond to inquiries from prospects, meeting planners, and interview opportunities from the media in their own backyards and beyond.

To guide solopreneurs, Juetten is offering immediate digital access to the content she shared at the 2nd Annual Publicitea™ and Book Publishing Summit earlier this month with her co-host Patrick Snow, founder of Best Seller Publishing Institute.   Juetten's holiday wish is for 100,000 people to receive the GIFT of the event highlight video and the quality content about book publishing and getting ready for the media spotlight by visiting between now and 12-25-10.

Juetten is donating 5% of profits from sales of her popular and well-reviewed book — Bye-Bye Boring Bio — and other DIY Publicity products and services between now and 12-25-10 to Rise N Shine (, a non-profit organization that provides worry-free and wonder-filled summer camp experiences to kids whose lives are impacted by HIV and AIDS.  Event guests already contributed $432 to the cause on event day. Additional dollars are flowing to the cause with every purchase at the DIY Publicity Store through 12-25-10.

“Small business owners, solopreneurs, and others doing their best to navigate the slowly recovering economy can benefit from the ideas, resources and success stories we share via this digital workshop experience and be inspired to make 2011 their best year ever, Juetten explains.  “That is what our nation's economy needs, and it is my gift to share between now and Christmas to contribute to that welcome outcome.   The gift of Publicitea offers proof and inspiration that a small change that can make a big difference for people around the world who are eager to step into the spotlight as experts in their fields.”

About Nancy Juetten:

Nancy Juetten is the founder of Authentic Visibility, an award-winning publicity tools and training company that was just named among the StartUp Nation Top 100 Home Based Businesses for 2010.  Her book, Bye-Bye Boring Bio, is selling the world over and earning raves from solopreneurs who are finally setting aside the struggle associated with writing about themselves so they can get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for their expert status.   To access Juetten's gift of the digital workshop, visit before 12-25-10.  For media interviews and requests for book reviews, call 425-641-5214 or send email to