2008 is fast coming to a close, and that means it's time to take stock of what is working and not working in your business.  It's also a timely opportunity to express gratitude to your dream team members who contribute mightily to your success.

To that end, throughout the month of November, I will share public comments about members of my dream team so they can be seen, heard, and celebrated for the contributions their efforts add to my unfolding success.   I can say without hesitation that every one of them can lend value to your business if you are inclined to get into action.  Action is always the key.

To David Wiseman and Ajit – Thank you for serving as webmaster wizards for my website and blog.  You are always responsive, efficient, strategic, and helpful.  The technical work you do makes a huge impact on my business and lends ease to my work.  Anyone out there needing search engine optimization, web site and blog support, and other related technical services would be well served to invite David and Ajit to their teams.  You can email David at david.m.wiseman@gmail.com.

I learned about Suzanne Falter-Barns and her branding work by visiting her site.  I subscribed to her Get Known Now ezine for a while and later invested in her Extraordinary Business Builders program.  This was among the best investments I've made in my business since launching in 2001.   Suzanne's curriculum and coaching helped me get to the essence of my unique selling proposition in a way that I could not have achieved on my own.  I can't say enough about the value of doing this work.  It's not easy work, but it's well worth the effort.  The “Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond” message came to me on Christmas Day 2006, and it's been serving my business beautifully since then.  The creation of this message was a direct result of the work I did with Suzanne.  If you need help getting to the magical elements that comprise your unique selling proposition, I can't say enough about the value of Suzanne's insights in this regard.

I extend my thanks to Michelle Price for finding the right words to compel me into action to launch and sustain a blog.   She and I met while we were both working on the Mental Journey to Millions event that came to Seattle in June of 2007 with Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen.  That project is subject for a blog post to come in a few days as few media relations projects have impacted me personally as boldly as did this one.

Michelle's plain talk and her “get it done” attitude made it easy for me to see the value and engage her support to get the mission accomplished.  Michelle created my blog — which debuted in September of 2007.  She showed me blogging basics and has been a guiding force in keeping my social networking savvy advancing in a very dynamic time.  She also was the force to send my do-it-yourself publicity videos into cyberspace.  This has been powerful in building my visibility beyond my backyard and inviting new opportunities to speak to new audiences, serve new customers, and be of service in new ways.  I've received orders for the Authentic Visibility information products from South Africa and Singapore and beyond.  I know these orders are a direct result of having bolder visibility on the Internet, thanks to this blog, the do-it-yourself publicity videos, and the other priceless contributions Michelle makes to my efforts.  Today, references to me and my expertise today occupy high rankings in the “Google” search for the term “do-it-yourself publicity.”   These videos have a lot to do with that.  Special thanks to Zita Gustin for inviting me to do an Internet TV interview on her Biz Talk with Zita Show and to Carol Carini of Billabong Television for editing two extended interviews into ten sassy video vignettes that made it easy for Michelle to send my messages into cyberspace.  Given the choice to having your video at one site or dozens and dozens of targeted sites, what is better?  I am thrilled to have been able to leverage that single Internet TV interview opportunity into something powerful and brand building for my business.   If you need similar help, now you know who to call.

I'll have more compliments to share in the days ahead.   In the meantime, think about your own dream team and consider how you can celebrate their contributions and advance their success.  I am sure whatever you do will be much appreciated and greater success will flow all the way around for all.