The last Oprah Winfrey Show has aired.

For me, Oprah has been a guide to transform my life into something that was beyond what I once did not have the vision to imagine.  I remember her telling the story about looking outside her kitchen window of her childhood home and seeing just a single tree. Many years later, beyond the kitchen window of her Montecito home, she can now see 10,000 trees.

Oprah’s themes about grace, worthiness, validation, showing up, and listening have touched my heart and moved me into action over the years. And so the journey continues.

What Oprah has taught me and so many others is that what is possible is limitless, provided we have the courage to dream. Oprah has given me and so many others this courage. And it’s a beautiful thing for which I feel tremendous gratitude. I will miss her daily dose of inspiration, yet the lessons she taught me are mine forever. For that I feel tremendous gratitude. I just might have to plant a tree beyond my own window in her honor. It seems fitting.

Have any “aha” moments to share or next steps you will be taking?  Please do!