roth ira ebooksteve juettenMy husband Steve Juetten is a close follower of my work, and he is someone who knows how to recognize a good opportunity to serve the marketplace.   He just debuted his new e-book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Making the Right Roth IRA Conversion Decison for You.”

He wrote his own press release.  Then, he uploaded his effort into to learn how well his effort scored on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being best.   He upgraded the content of his release and paid attention to keywords and links to bring his score to 90.  Then, he asked me to review it one last time to make additional refinements.

The press release was issued over PR WEB on 12-29, and Steve’s hopes are high that consumers who earn $100,000 or more all across America will be compelled to visit his site to learn more about the comprehensive and helpful guide he’s created to help consumers make their best decision.  Already, Steve’s site is ranking very high on Google, and hundreds of people have visited so far to learn more about his new ebook.  You can learn more and buy at this link.  You can also but it at my DIY Publicity Store at this link.

By the way, to meet strong demand, my new press release/pitch review service is debuting at the DIY Publicity Store today so you can benefit from my expert guidance as Steve has.   In 2009, I received scores and scores of requests from DIY publicists across the nation to take a quick minute to review their press releases.   I am listening to this need and creating a service that delivers what so many people are asking for.  You should know that it takes more than a quick minute to transform an average press release into a results-generating message.  Investing in an hour of my time to make your press release or story pitch rock is well worth it.   Remember, it’s your story.  Tell it well.  And if you can’t, get proper help.   Help is one click away. Hurray!