Attract Ideal Clients at First Glance Success Kit


Attention New Business Owners:

You are about to attract YOUR ideal clients at first glance.

Welcome to the single best training for business owners serious about transforming their boring business bios into client-attracting magnets.

500 graduates over the last 12 months continue to RAVE about the process and their results.

With YOUR inspired action, you can join them. Best of all, you can earn return on your modest investment with the first client you attract with your well-crafted, authentic, client-attracting story.Then, let the abundance flow for the lifetime of your successful business as you attract clients again and again!


AdventureImageYour ‘Attract Ideal Clients at First Glance’ success journey starts here.

Step 1: Name and Claim Your Profitable Niche Audience
If you don’t name and claim your people, you can waste time, money and resources chasing the wrong people who have no intention of ever doing business with you.

Fast-track your success by naming and claiming your perfect audience. This is a group of people who want and need what you offer.  Most importantly, they are inspired to ‘whip out their wallets’ to invest to get the solution you offer.
Step 2: Prepare Your Client Attracting Message
Take an audio journey with me as your expert guide as byebyeclockyou reflect on who you are, who you serve, the value you bring, the “why” around your mission, and the stunning decisive results you bring about for clients fortunate enough to work with you. 
As you are guided through the handouts and illuminating exercises, you will get YOUR best client attracting story done so it can be a hard-working and results generating client attraction tool for you and your growing business again and again forever.
Step 3: Get Inspired by Message Makeovers to Get “Unstuck” and fast on the path to creating your own client attracting message.
Your Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, engaging, and content-rich action guide packed with articles, road tested templates and abundant bio examples organized by profession that make writing bios for the web, social media, speaking, and the media a breeze. This popular, proven, and well-reviewed program gives introverted entrepreneurs and others who struggle with writing about their accomplishments cause for MORE EASE, pride, and celebration.

Your coveted Brilliant Bio Now plus nine others will make writing your bios for speaking, social media, and media interviews faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.  Your road-tested and proven tools, templates, and handouts deliver to your inbox as soon as you enroll. Apply the lessons within to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for your expert status.

“Nancy Juetten is the Bio Queen”

            –Alex Mandossian


What a difference Nancy’s workshop has
made for me!


“After Segment #1 I was perfectly satisfied with the hands-on shift of my bio from Boring to Wow. Then in Segment #2 Nancy blew my
socks off, turning good into great by directing me toward powerful testimonials that speak directly to the value my clients receive. This was just the confidence boost I’d been craving. As if that weren’t enough, in Segment #3 Nancy offered tips to refine my bio manifesto into perfect bite sizes to fit the right circumstance at the right time. If you suffer from ‘Bio Cringe,’ treat yourself to a makeover with  Nancy, and stand by for results!”

With appreciation,

Nina Durfee, CPC
dip in, drink deep, emerge nourished!
The Wisdom Well Retreats, LLC


“Nancy, it is not just what you teach but who you are that blows me away.”


“I cannot possibly overstate the life-changing impact your workshop has had on me.  I’ve been piddling around with internet marketing for eight years but never felt I had found my personal path. It is not just what you teach but who you are that blows me away: I realize that what’s been missing is just letting the real me come out , instead of trying to be so ‘professional’ or ‘deliberate’ in the  way I presented myself. Bless you for what
you’re bringing to the world, and how you’re helping me and so many others to do the same.”

Susan Blais,

“You are most definitely the best bio doc on the planet.”


I have been struggling for years to get this right and I feel in those short minutes you summed me up quicker than anyone. I get so excited to hear how you transform words, one hand flies up in the air as I give thanks to your brilliance. Keep shining sister, we all need your expert advice.”

— Amelía,

“Nancy Juetten has the uncanny brilliance to sift through the muddled words in record speed and get to the core of the message creating a juicy dynamic message that exactly describes the individuals intent.”


“Nancy walks the talk and truly speaks and works from her heart. Having the opportunity to work with Nancy has catapulted my purpose and vision in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Nancy for all you share in transforming our boring bio’s into succulent delicious words of wisdom and truth.”

— Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Self Enrichment Centre.


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I am 100% confident that after you employ the powerful business-building knowledge and tools in the ‘Attract Ideal Clients at First Glance Success Kit,’  you will be equipped to name and claim your profitable niche audience and prepare a client attracting message so you can serve more perfect people with the brilliant work you do.

 That’s why I invite you to invest wisely so the journey can begin as soon as possible.

If you don’t make your modest investment back after taking inspired action as hundreds before you already have, send me a letter that shows the actions you have taken to request a refund.


         About Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten

“It’s Your Story.  Tell It Well.”

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Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for their expert status. Thousands of coaches, healers, consultants, solopreneurs, speakers, infopreneurs, and aspiring and thriving authors around the world attract clients, speaking gigs, and media attention now as a direct result of lessons she shares to support their success.

Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, Vinca Heart and more call her “The Bio Queen” for good reason. 

Her systems and methods deliver new clients, prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide.