Alice CunninghamDon’t miss out on hearing award-winning entrepreneur Alice Cunningham speak on Friday, June 6 at the luncheon meeting of the Everett eWomenNetwork. At this powerful event you’ll learn:

• Why compassion is good for you…scientific proof to convince you to ditch the judgments
• Getting in the zone. Striking a balance between sociability and solitude
• Procrastination, Pessimism and Perfectionism-3 silent killers of your Passion
• Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude-seeing the greater good in everything you do
• Raise the rafters-raise your sights, the bigger your vision the more you’ll succeed

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Alice Cunningham, co-founder of Olympic Hot Tub Company, over the last several years, and her generous sharing of practical, proven tips to advance success is part and parcel to who she is and why she is so successful.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a very successful, inspiring 31-year veteran entrepreneur to learn lessons that can catapult your own journey faster on its road to success. Here is a link to the press release posted to The Open Press with all the relevant event details. And, here is a link to make it easy to register and enjoy preferred rates for doing so when you register before June 3.

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Finally, with the high cost of gas and challenging economic news giving people a run for the money, consider now if this summer is perfect timing for a ‘Stay Cation’ for you and your family.  With a new hot tub in the backyard, you’ll always be steps away from relaxation, stress relief, and connection with your loved ones — without ever leaving home in the first place.  We’ve been having a lot of fun pitching the concept of ‘Stay Cations’ to the local and national media since this idea is so timely, newsworthy, and relevant.  I can’t wait to share some of the press we earn as a result.  Stay tuned.

What timely, newsworthy and relevant story ideas can you create in light of all the news we’ve been reading about the high cost of gas, groceries, and vacations and how your business fits in?  Give that some thought as you jump into the media relations waters with both feet.

And, do consider coming to the Friday, June 6 meeting of eWomenNetwork to benefit from sage advice to grow your business, thanks to the generous sharing of Alice Cunningham.  See you soon!