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 “My husband Steve Juetten is a Certified Financial Planner, and he just hired a new planner to work with him in September.  She started work on September 4, 2012.  Her first assignment was to write a client attracting bio, using Client Attracting Bio Template #3, that is part of Bye-Bye Boring Bio Premium.  By September 18, the bio was posted to his website, and a prospect called the same day to ask for a meeting with her.   That prospect just became a $2500 client — thanks to that new bio.  The result was just that fast.  That is why I am so enthusiastic about sharing this tool with the world.  These kinds of results are needed, and the time is now to bring them on.”

— Nancy Juetten, Creator of Bye-Bye Boring Bio

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Christine Kloser

“I had to write you to share how much I loved Bye Bye Boring Bio.  I finally dug into it last night at 10:00 PM and couldn’t go to sleep until I finished reading the entire thing.  I’m desperately in need of a bio makeover… I’ve struggled with this for years because I have so many interests and such a diverse background.  I offer a variety of services from Spiritual Guide/Author to Transformational Book Coach and pioneer of the Conscious Entrepreneurs movement.  I haven’t been able to get it on paper in any succinct or powerful form.   I finally have hope that somehow all of this will now come together, thanks to you!  I’m going to work on the exercises and see how the process unfolds.”

Christine KloserFounder, Transformational Author Experience,
Best-Selling Author,  and Spiritual and Intuitive Guide for Visionary,
Conscious Entrepreneurs Around the Worlds

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