Just before leaving for the family vacation in Whistler BC, I attended the NSA Summer Bar-B-Que and connected with Sports Psychologist Mike Margolies.  He is one of my ezine subscribers who volunteered to review a new product I’ll be debuting in a few days.  We chatted about mindset and the Olympics.  It occurred to me that  his local newspaper would likely be very interested to know that he had been the coach who had guided a number of athletes to achieve their boldest goals.  We talked about how to make the pitch and why the timing was NOW.   Mike took action and earned “ink” within the pages of the Issaquah Press within ten days.   This is proof positive that the advice about earning your own publicity really can deliver a desired result — if you just want it enough to take action — and refer to trusted tools and expert resources to get the job done.

What will YOU do to bring your message to more of the right people who need to receive it?  Take action.   Want it enough to frame your story so it is an “easy YES” for the media that matter for your message.    And keep me posted on your successes as they unfold.  Can’t wait to hear your good news.