George Kao and Nancy Juetten – Rock Star Readiness and Bio Wow!

Take the Rock Star Status Reality Check to See How Ready YOU are to Step into the Spotlight with your Hosts George Kao and Nancy Juetten

This call is for independent business professionals, speakers, authors, coaches, and those who are serious about sharing their stories, broadcasting their brilliance, and prospering now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 – 10 a.m. Pacific Time – LIVE by Webinar

The “before” and “after” bio makeovers will give you reason to makeover your own.

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Join us and thousands of business owners who want to step up, stand out and SHINE to advance their important work in the world.

Both George and and I look forward to getting to know what makes your story magnetic,authentic, memorable, remarkable, and door-opening as soon as possible.

During this engaging  live webinar with DIY Publicity Expert and Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten:

  • You’ll take the Rock Star Status Reality Check and get a timely wake-up call about how truly ready you are to take your place in the spotlight.
  • You’ll learn insider secrets that will guide you to eliminate panic, last-minute scrambling, and message point SOS forever so you can step up, stand out and SHINE in your own light as the highly compensated expert you are with ease, grace, and impact.
  • And, if you are feeling bold, be among the first ten people to send your bio to Nancy at by Thursday, July 7, Nancy just might makeover YOUR bio during the call to show you how to step up, stand out and SHINE in your unique brilliance during this call.

Here are the Exciting Results that are Possible for You When You Get Truly Ready for the Spotlight with the Right Bios for Every Situation

  • You invite more client engagements with the right people.
  • No more 11th hour scramble
  • No more message point SOS
  • You enjoy ease, grace and impact with every media opportunity
  • People love what you stand for because they finally understand it

Join us.


Nancy Juetten
George Kao

George Kao is a social media expert and trainer. His mission (and expertise) is to dramatically raise the marketing effectiveness of people who deeply value integrity, service, and sustainability. What sets George Kao apart from other online marketing coaches is that George integrates the best principles in productivity (getting things done in less time), integrity (growing a business with honesty and authenticity) and sustainability (environmental and social caring).
Nancy Juetten is a storyteller, workshop leader, and author who shows mission-driven experts how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPEN$ATED for their expert status. Nancy created Bye-Bye Boring Bio to help independent business professionals, speakers, authors, and coaches attract clients, speaking gigs, and media attention now. Nancy’s essential advice is this — “It’s your story. Tell it well.” Learn even more about the summer session of her “branding and bio wow now” tele boot camp by visiting this link now. The first class is July 27, 2011 at 11 a.m. PST.