Here are a few dates to note if advancing along the know-like-trust path to attract more clients is a priority in your business.


Speaker Match Interview – How to Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow Now.  The content I'll be sharing is perfect for emerging speakers.  It's free to listen in and benefit, so please visit the link, register, and enjoy.


Nancy MarmolejoSign up to benefit from Viva Visibility Expert Nancy Marmolejo's special online event this promises to help you crack the code to welcome more online visibility in your own winning style.  Nancy’s known for being an engaging, fun, and generous presenter. You’ll love what she shares on this all-new call!  It's free to listen in, and you'll love what you learn.  You just have to sign up.


Marketing with a Book Summit – La Jolla, California.  This ‘live' event is perfect for those serious about marketing with a book.  The line-up on presenters is top notch, and this is a no pitch zone to boot.


My Know-Like-Trust Interview with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren.  This amazing, virtual event will showcase the expertise of a variety of top experts who know what it takes to get to that Know-Like-Trust place to welcome client engagements and more.   It's free to participate.  You just have to sign up to benefit.

I've served as a contributing columnist for  SpeakerMatch for quite some time.  I've served as a proud sponsor of Nancy Marmolojo's I Heart My Biz “Live” event.  She and I met about two years ago on Facebook, and I am so glad.  It has felt like a treasured friendship and a perfect business collaboration that has been a winning fit for us both and our people. Henry DeVries and I have been friends for over 20 years, worked together, and enjoyed some fabulous meals together.  And Bill Baren is someone I am proud to call a friend, mentor, and co-collaborator.

These are all GREAT people.  You should know them and profit from their expertise.  I certainly have.