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You want to speak more, but you don't have your talk title and key points ready to share so you can get booked.


Get it done with expert guidance from a word wizard who has your back at this intimate working retreat.

With your first gig before your ideal audience, you can create thousands of dollars in sales. But you must get ready for big opportunity first.

As a result of this special day together, you will:

  • Craft your bold talk title, decide the audience it will serve, create a compelling short description, 3-5 compelling takeaway  points, and your 100-word bio.
  • Brainstorm the top 10 venues where YOU can speak to sidestep overwhelm and keep your eye on the big rocks that represent the greatest potential to deliver big results for the right audiences and for your growing business.
  • Walk away with model pitches to get booked to save you time and frustration.
  • Benefit from referrals to graphic designers, photographers, and resources for speaking leads and speaking success to save you  time, toil and worry about making the right choices.
  • Get your questions answered about using teleseminars and webinars to build big buzz around you and your expertise.
  • Gain control over your destiny and get empowered to share your message far and wide with greater ease and confidence.
  • Should you wish to go deeper in your Get Known to Get Paid learning with my unwavering championship and support, she'll happily share more so you can make a wise choice.

It is my honor to be your mentor and guide for this lovely and inspired day in service to your success as a speaker with a powerful, memorable, and worthy topic to share.

Let's GET THIS DONE So You Can Speak More!

Because these are such intimate gatherings of connection, conversation, and collaboration at my private home, I can welcome only 10 special guests to join me for this day of inspired action.

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Participants RAVE about the Value and Impact
of Nancy's Intimate Group Retreats:

Check out the Video Testimonials from Margo Meyers, David Brook, Sara Harvey Yao from the LAST in-home retreat.

Get Ready to Speak More

“I loved the intimacy of this event. Each guest could have his/her issues addressed. I learned three things that I can immediately implement to become a known expert in purposeful profitability.”
– Audrey Godwin • CPA The Godwin Group, PLLC

“Nancy, thank you for the wealth of information, expertise, insight, support, and chocolate you offered at the retreat in the extraordinary setting of your beautiful home. I am agog at the materials you provided and the self-directed agenda I've come away with. I was inspired, uplifted, enriched and exhilarated from the company and ideas of the other powerful, creative women at the event. I've come away with a practical task list, both short-term and long-term, for my project that feels enticing and do-able. I am ecstatic to have a wealth of resources and experts at my fingertips to guide me along the way.Thank you for all that you are, and for all that you continue to be!”
– Nina Durfee • Co-Founder of Wisdom Well Retreats for Mid-Life Women

Yes! I am Ready to Get Known to Get Paid™

Your Get Ready to Speak More Working Retreat!

Saturday, Month, Day, Year

10 spots for serious action takers.

9am – 3 pm PST

Nancy's Bellevue, WA Home

Included in your registration is your spiral bound copy of  Bye-Bye Boring Bio and your copy of Speak More: Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business!

Get Ready to Speak More


Enjoy a catered lunch, tea, chocolate, nurturing and delicious refreshments, connection, and conversation to fuel your journey to visibility, credibility, and prosperity.

This day is all about Getting Ready to Speak More with access to an expert who speaks plenty and can guide you to welcome the same result.

Your Wise Investment to GET THIS DONE: $197

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Your Get Known to Get Paid™ Participant Credo:

“I promise to show up, be present, and move forward as an active participant in this day focused on supporting my quest to Get Ready to Speak More.”

Your Action on What You Learn Guarantees Your Satisfaction.

When you act on the information I share during the retreat created in support of your needs, you will be well equipped to start or continue along your journey to Speak More. Because space is limited for these exclusive events, there are no discounts to bring a friend or business partner, nor are there refunds, transfers or rollovers to future events.  Should life get in the way and prevent you for joining us, you will receive access to a virtual workshop and digital copies of the Sizzling Speaker Sheet kit and  Bye-Bye Boring Bio so you can benefit from these practical and powerful resources to your expert advantage.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

About Nancy Juetten:

nancy-2013-with-logos (3)In the darkest days of the Great Recession, Nancy's boutique publicity agency (launched in 2001) fell on hard times. After a brief stay in “Pity Party Hotel,” she wrote a book called Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. A friend dared her to write the first draft and share it as a gift to the guests who had paid to attend a do-it-yourself publicity workshop she was leading in Portland, Oregon at her invitation. Nancy created the first draft in three weeks because she desperately needed to find a new way to serve the marketplace in a daunting economic time. Making boring bios better for client attraction seemed like a timely way to guide others in trouble to a much-needed outcome. Today this well-reviewed and popular workbook is the foundation behind the Attract Ideal Clients and  Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training. This virtual training earns raves and results in powerful story transformations for the hundreds of action-takers who participate from English speaking nations around the world. It is also among the useful training elements in the Get Known Get Paid Success System and among the tools that clients in her Get Known to Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program enjoy. The bottom line is that Nancy's interest in better business bios saved her bacon at a time when she really needed to bring some home. The bounty continues, one book purchase, workshop, training system, and mentoring program at a time.

Your Wise Investment to GET THIS DONE: $197

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