For many people, seeing the word B-L-O-G creates a sense of fear and overwhelm.  All all the social media, blogging seems to invite the most of both.  Folks wonder if they can learn how to blog and what blogging will do for their business. Others worry that they won't have enough to blog about. Then, there is the sense of overwhelm about having to learn still one more new thing in the context of everything else that is a high priority for running a business.

Believe me, I understand these concerns all too well.  That is why I am offering as my gift to you my new special report entitled, “Get Over Your Fear of Blogging So Your Can Build the Buzz and Grow Your Business Now.”   This report tells my own story about how I did exactly that.

The easiest way to get the FREE special report is to opt-in to receive the free Authentic Visibility ezine by entering your email address in the sign up box.    If you are already a subscriber to the ezine, you can send me an email at, and I'll send it to you by return email. You can also listen to this audio file on the same topic.  I tell my story straight and in an engaging way.  Listen in and enjoy.

bbblogAnd, if you've decided that now is the time to start blogging, my recommendation is that you begin by building a better blog in the first place.  Darren Rowse, a professional blogger, is among the best authorities on blogging according to Technorati and tens of thousands of professional bloggers who follow his work.  I just completed his “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” challenge and have seen meaningful audience growth as a direct result of implementing the tips and suggestions he generously shared during the 31-day event.

The good news is that he has put all the lessons from the 31-day event into a “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” Workbook, and you can buy it for a song and have this invaluable tool to serve as a powerful desk reference to guide your own successful blogging effort forever.

So, with my free “Get Over the Fear of Blogging” special report and Darren's new and fabulous workbook, you can ready for blogging action and inviting meaningful results in short order.   Here is the link to learn more about and purchase Darren's workbook.   (It's just $19.95.)

And my “Get Over the Fear of Blogging…” special report is yours immediately by digital download when you sign up to receive my Authentic Visibility ezine.   I always have useful tips to share to support your DIY publicity success and advance your learning within the ezine, and I'd be honored to have you among my loyal subscribers.

Here's to better blogging, one and all!