I gave a presentation to a group of women business owners on Friday and received an “aha” moment for myself.  I started the talk by asking three questions.

1)  How many people in the room want to sell more of their products, services, or ideas?

2)  How many people in the room want lasting and influential ways to set themselves apart from their competitors?

3)  How many people in the room have all the money they need to hire the professional service providers they desire to make either or both a reality?

Everyone in the room answered “YES” to questions one and two.  Not a soul answered “YES” to question number three.  That reality really caught my attention.  I know the women in this room are not alone in their plight, and answers to ease their pain are sorely needed.  That certainly points to a fabulous market opportunity for those eager to do exactly that.

And, since cash flow is an issue for so many, it seems timely to extend an invitation to check out the Money Wise Business Women Conference coming up on October 25 at the North Seattle Community College. You can enjoy a 10% discount on the very affordable registration when you read all about the event and register by using the link provided here. Just fill in the words “Business Women” in the coupon code section of the online registration, and you'll pay $64 instead of $79.

As for easing the pain of women business owners everywhere, I am brewing on a big idea to tell you more about very shortly.  In the meantime, the bigger issue seems to be getting the financial house in order, and the Money Wise Business Women Conference is just the place to get that mission accomplished.  I'll be speaking at the event about how to get seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of do-it-yourself publicity.   If this topic captures your interest, I hope to see you there.