barbara stannyNo matter what is going on in the economy, we all need to connect with like-minded people, think big thoughts about what is possible for our future, and learn new skills to be more effective.

The Puget Sound Coaches Association is offering a fabulous, one-day professional development conference on Thursday, Feb. 5 that promises to deliver all of this and more.  You can still sign up and benefit if you act quickly!

Do you want to overcome under-earning?   You won't want to miss Barbara Stanny's presentation on this topic.  Barbara Stanny is a Money Expert and has appeared on numerous national and regional television and radio programs to spread her message of financial empowerment for women. These include: Good Morning America, The View, Power Lunch on CNBC, Money Matters on CNN, Your World with Neil Cavuto and The O'Reilly Report, both on Fox News Channel, just to name a few. That's Barbara at left.

Do you need to shift the focus of your organization from “me to we?”

Do you need to close more sales and and build stronger relationships using business psychology?

You can learn this and so much more.  Click here to learn more about the fabulous presenters scheduled to empower your success at a time when we all need more of that.  From the 1/2 day workshop at $107 to the full conference for $257, there is a “perfect fit” choice to meet your schedule and budget.

Don't sit at home, worrying and wondering in isolation about what is possible.  Get out into a fabulous community, connect with equally fabulous people, and catapult your confidence and skills to a higher level of fabulous.   Enough said.  Enjoy!