If you’ve been looking for the perfect solution to ease your needs to meticulously accurate transcription of meeting notes, audio files, and the link, today’s news from ScribeRight Transcription Agency comes just in time to make your life a whole lot easier.

CEO Lisa Pike and I have been friends and colleagues for a wonderful while, and I always turn to Lisa and her able team for transcription services that are fast, accurate, and fairly priced.  Her company has a decade of service to the medical community.  With the launch of the new portal to serve non-medical clients, ScribeRight is poised to share its gifts with a great many more clients who can benefit from their talents as I have and do in preparing teleseminar transcripts for you.

I never recommend a product or service I don’t use and know to be fabulous.  ScribeRight gets my highest recommendation.

By the way, Lisa used PRWeb to release the news in her own backyard and beyond, and I hope the world beats a path to her door.