Olympic Hot Tub Company Co-Founder Alice Cunningham recalled a heart-warming story from Father’s Day weekend that offers proof positive that good things come to those who wait — for customer and retailer alike.

The wife of a deserving dad heard Alice’s radio commercial and asked her mother-in-law if she should get her husband a hot tub for Father’s Day, and she agreed. The couple had shopped at Olympic Hot Tub Company 12 years ago before they built their house and ran out of money. Then kids came along. To make this a very special Father’s Day present, they told him that his gift present was at the end of the map. They got in the car.  He followed all sorts of clues, driving around town until they pulled into the Olympic Hot Tub Company parking lot in Issaquah, WA. The wife said, “Congratulations! You found it. Now we’re going in and buying the hot tub.”  And so they did.

There are a few lessons here.

  • Not everyone buys the first time they hear your message.
  • Be consistent in sharing your message.
  • Offer compelling reasons to buy that are well timed for gift giving occasions like Father’s Day.
  • Develop a brand personality that helps customers and prospects choose your company above all others.
  • Make your product or service relevant and welcome in the best and the worst of times — and ride on trends gathering speed as you share your story. Now that people are “stay cationing” instead of “vacationing” because of the high cost of gasoline and just about everything else, the timing has never been better to take it easy in your own backyard.

Business is booming at Olympic Hot Tub Company.  And at least one deserving dad who visited the Issaquah showroom last weekend is soaking happily having waited 12 years for his hot tub dream to come true.  Good things come to those who wait.