Nellie CashmanThe five finalists for the Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year Awards for the Women Business Owners were named this week, and I am delighted that one of the finalists is my client — Jean Thompson, CEO and owner of Seattle Chocolate Company. The other worthy finalists include Kristen Betty, KBA Inc.; Lee Rhodes, Glassbaby; Karen Say, Saybr Contractors, Inc.; and Tamara Wilson, Tamara Wilson PR. Congratulations to all the finalists.

Being named a finalist is a big deal because it opens the doors to wonderful local publicity opportunities to showcase each candidate's winning ways. Prior Nellie finalists and winners have been highlighted on the cover of Seattle Woman magazine and featured prominently within the pages of other top local business journals and magazines. The recognition that flows from the power of publicity brings into focus each candidate's business achievements and contributions to community — not to mention her idea, products, and services.

If you would like to be seen, heard, and celebrated for your winning ways in business, consider the local business award opportunities that exist in your backyard. Then, apply to earn consideration. When you win, your accomplishments can be seen, heard, and celebrated far beyond your hometown and serve to invite even more opportunities your way.

And, if you'd like to read an article that offers useful tips to make your application a winner, check out this link so you every step you take in this regard will get you closer to the winner's circle.

Syesha MercadoSpeaking of which, who do you think will be eliminated on American Idol tonight? I am guessing Syesha is on her way home, but time will tell. Share your thoughts about awards, American Idol, or whatever do-it-yourself publicity topic that is on your mind! I'd be thrilled to hear from you and celebrate your comments on this blog.