If you have the courage to ask for what you want, you just might get what you ask for — or something much better. Here is a case in point.

If you’ve been following my work for any length of time, you know that I started my business with a desire so very simple — to earn enough money to buy better groceries.   Having grown tired of generic brand wheat crackers that I purchased on a tight budget, what I really wanted was to earn enough money to buy Nabisco brand wheat thins.

Hail to Better Crackers from La PanzanellaJust yesterday, I was engaged by La Panzanella — an award-winning specialty retailer famous for herb-inflused, rustic Italian crackers called Croccantini and Croccantini Bites — to create a publicity plan to announce their new line of gourmet, artisan snack crackers called Fieri.    These are three uniquely-seasoned snack crackers in Serrano Lime, Red Chili Basil, and Chipotle.  These flavorful, delicious crackers are delights you will be proud to serve guests, pair with your favorite artisan cheeses, and enjoy with your favorite wine — especially on holiday weekends like the one upon us. These crackers offer great taste, crunch, and remarkable flavor that go well beyond what any wheat cracker delivers.   If ever there was a perfect engagement for this publicist, this is it!

I’ll be telling you more about the publicity success stories we cook up in the weeks and months to follow.  In the meantime, if you need to shop for holiday gatherings of good friends, visit better grocery stores and specialty retailers across the nation to find La Panzanella Croccantini wherever better crackers and the things that go with them are sold.  Fieri won’t be far behind.

I share this story to demonstrate that if you ask for what you want, you often get what you ask for — or something better.  And it’s a beautiful, delicious thing.

DIY Publicity Challenge:  What do you want, and how specifically can you describe it?  Whether you want a “Growing Your Business” profile within the Puget Sound Business Journal or an interview with Matt Lauer of The Today Show, the more specifically you can describe what you want, the more deliberately you can get into action to bring your wish to reality.  When you get into action, you just might find you get what you want — or something better.