Trends gathering speed are always a great hook to earn free publicity. I've been pouring through my copy of “Microtrends” by Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne with great interest. They organize the trends in sassy categories such as love, sex and relationships; work life; race and religion; health and wellness; money and class; and looks and fashion, among many others. It's a fascinating read. When writing about money and class, he offers six categories:

Deal Masters – think Gordon Gekko of the movie Wall Street

Altruistic Achievers – think Bruce Wayne, the public face of Batman

Secret Succeeders – like “Citizen” Charles Foster Kane

Status Chasers – Scarlet O'Hara

Satisfied Savers – Oliver Wendell Douglas of Green Acres

Disengaged Inheritors – Dudley Moore's Arthur

Don't you want to know more? And, if you can find your product or service at the center of these microtrends gathering speed, you have the start of a story angle that could help you earn free publicity. Add this book to your holiday gift list if you are serious about earning the “ink and the air” in the New Year. You'll be glad that you did.