You could have the most important message to share, but if the headline you use to introduce your message falls flat, your message doesn’t have a chance.  In this month’s issue of Behind the Podium, a members-only newsletter for aspiring speakers from SpeakerMatch, a meeting planner who makes decisions about keynote speakers had this to say:

“I have to tell you … I’m scrolling through my list of applications.  You might want to let the speakers know … if that paragraph that I see next to their name in my list doesn’t capture my attention, I am rejecting.  If it does, I will read, and I am keeping those that catch my attention to go through.  There have been a couple that had only one sentence or nothing, and I rejected them.”

— Christine Ross, 3M Personal Care Division

Another speaker resource who is creating a directory of world-class women speakers called me in a panic this week because the speakers who were submitting their 150-word bios were not delivering quality messages.  Many of them had to be re-written at the 11th hour in time to meet their production deadline.

With that said, if you have only 150 words to say who you are, the value you bring, and the message you deliver, what would you say?   My advice is to get that message prepared so when the next great speaking or media interview opportunity comes your way, you won’t have to scramble.  You’ll just welcome the call and gracefully say YES to the great opportunity to make a difference for others and your own growing business.   I just updated my speaker page to showcase the 150 words I most want meeting planners to see.  Check it out.

Let me know if the headline resonates for YOU.  To learn more about writing compelling headlines, check out this popular post at The Buzz Bin.

Speaking of headlines, I’ll have the wonderful opportunity to interview John Eggen for a free teleseminar taking place on Thursday, June 24 at 5 p.m.   Eggen is the founder of Mission Publishing Mentors.  He is also the creator and compiler of the international best-selling book entitled “Get the Business Breakthrough You Want.”   The title of the presentation is:

How to Create a Client Attracting Book Fast

that Generates Up to $150,000 in Revenue Before It is Published.

That, my friends,  is a compelling headline!  I’ll have more to share about this important interview in the days ahead, including the link to make it easy for you to reserve your place on the LIVE call.   You won’t want to miss your opportunity to speak in real time with Eggen to get YOUR questions answered.