Here is something about new client enrollment that I learned from my dogHere is something about new client enrollment that I learned from my dog.
I am calling this the power of reverse enrollment.
Before COVID, I ran a hobby business called the Very Important Pup Hotel.
My Cockapoo Champion was my chief compatibility officer.
When a new pup wanted to come to stay, the owner and his/her pup would meet me and Champion at the grassy area across the street from the house for a ‘meet and greet.'
I noticed if the dogs were wagging their tails and getting along well at HELLO.
If they were, I'd gladly invite them and their owners into the house to see the WOW waiting for them when their pets got to come and stay here while their humans went on vacation.
And if they did not get along at HELLO, they did not get to come in.
Champion is a pretty good judge of character.
We never had a bad dog come to stay.
What are the take away lessons for the humans?
>> Notice if your potential clients are wagging their tails, leaning in with joy, and ready to have fun and get to work. If not, they may not be the right clients for you.
>> You don't have to work with everyone.
>> You get to work with the right clients who value, appreciate, and are eager to invest to get the value you offer.
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