If you missed last night’s content-rich audio content sharing by Small Business Marketing Coach James Roche, here are among the message highlights he shared.

James spoke about the big elephant in the room that stands between business owners and the results they most want.    He emphasizes that it is not necessarily about acquiring more tools.  It is about having the right recipe or roadmap to success.  That means following four essential and simple steps that are part of what he refers to as the Entrepreneur’s Path:

  1. Get direction – build on a solid strategy.
  2. Get clients – build roots so the business can grow.
  3. Get online visibility and expand – build referral systems and network with centers of influence.
  4. Get leverage – grow your offerings.

He shares a compelling metaphor that he calls the “flat tire metaphor.”    That means figuring out what your ideal client truly wants, figuring out the problem that prevents clients from getting what she wants, and offering a solution for which clients are compelled to spend money to solve.  James has such a clear way of making his points and getting people to think differently about their businesses.    In fact, Diane Bridgwater of SpeakerPublisher posted this comment to Facebook immediately after the call:

“Totally having a Aha moment on Nancy Juetten‘s telecall! Thanks James Roche for a great call and thanks Nancy for having him. Totally inspired and brought clarity to what I have been thinking about.

Here is the link to the audio interview so you can listen in and benefit.    Enjoy!