Anniversaries are cause to look back and reflect, and here is a fun story with a happy ending that can help YOU.

My journey to become a storyteller got a powerful jump-start when I enrolled in an Introduction to Public Relations course at UC San Diego back in 1983.  My instructor was Henry DeVries, and he sure taught me a lot about sassy sound bites and how to capture attention with well chosen words.

In my first assignment, I was asked to write a press release about the sex habits of the Komodo Dragons at the San Diego Zoo.   As you can well imagine, I had a lot of fun with that prickly and passionate tale of wow.  In fact, Henry scribbled a note on my homework paper and said,  “You have potential and will go far as a PR professional.”      I beamed with pride and tucked my homework assignment away as my career and life took shape.

Right around 2002, I found that homework assignment in a file folder and smiled.  I wasn’t sure if Henry would remember me, but I decided to send him a note to let him know I had made something of my PR career after all.        Well, he DID remember me.  We started corresponding by email.  I engaged his coaching services to help me grow my very new business into a six-figure business.  Being a woman of action, I did everything he guided me to do and more.  His advice has paid off for me very well so far.  He jokes now that this student’s progress has surpassed that of her teacher.    That said, I am happy to report that I’ll be interviewing him on January 24 so you can benefit. Henry is among my favorite “Marketing with a Book” experts, and I think you’ll really enjoy his engaging, personable, and authentic teaching style.  If you’d like to join us on this free call, please register and invite people you know to join us on this not-to-be-missed call!

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