Have you reviewed your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, website/blog, and Biznik profiles lately to make sure the stories you are sharing are accurate, current, and compelling?

I changed my profiles to reflect a keyword-rich headline two weeks ago and welcomed two speaking engagements and a new joint venture conversation almost immediately. Just imagine what bounty awaits for you when you revisit YOUR online profiles.

Quick Tip: describe yourself in a headline statement with relevant key words within. “Networking Expert Brandy Mychals” “Boston Elder Care Expert Michael Bloom” and “Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor” are ways to describe each expert that offer potential clients and the search engines descriptive labels that deliver impact for all.

As the New Year comes fast to a close, this is a useful exercise, especially if you want to attract more of the right clients faster and more easily. Try it, and share YOUR successes as they unfold in perfect timing to welcome a shiny New Year.

Oh, by the way, I've started posting content and contributing to Biznik again after a two-year hiatus.  Won't you join me there and see what magic we can co-create in service to solo practitioners going it alone, together?  Come on over.  Comment on articles.  Offer tips.   Attend an event.   Reconnect with old friends.  Contribute to the “Biztalk” conversations in progress and see what value you can add as you do.  Think big about what you intend to accomplish, and make it so.