It's one thing to guest on a hot podcast and share your brilliance with a much wider audience.

It's another to make the most of that guest spot after the fact to ensure that it does the most possible good for your brand, reputation, and business results and also supports the host's goals for the same.

A simple Google search for steps to take reveals many articles, and here are two I found that are rock solid.



As I reflect on the step by step guidance provided, I do so through the filter of the people I serve most often in my business.

These are people who would rather talk than type.

These are people for whom technology is not their favorite thing.

Many are operating without the able support of technology experts who can make light work of the steps noted in record time.

These are folks who are deep in the “doing it myself” trenches and may be slow to exit for whatever reason.

That's why I want to share my top 10 tips to repurpose or leverage podcast guest spots without gong down a rabbit hole of tech drama or frustration.

Having a simple, reliable, repeatable approach to making the most of one's visibility means that the message can reach a much wider audience to potentially touch and transform more lives, while driving more in-bound client inquiries, leads, conversations, collaborations and cash.

Here are 10 of my best suggestions that can lead more and better enrollment conversations, spin off appearances, and a wider net of credibility around the value you bring so more of the right people will lean in and take notice and action:

  1. Create a page on your website that can serve an your online press room.  Every time your expertise is showcased on a podcast, post the link to the podcast there.  Hosts often provide an image of the show that you can use to make the post visually appealing. Use it. Visual content engages more readily than links alone.How to repurpose and leverage your podcast guest spots to accelerate new business and spin off gigs without going down a rabbit hole of tech drama or frustration
  2. Share relevant podcast episodes with serious potential clients so they can get more familiar with your expertise without the pressure of a sales conversation. The bridge of trust will be built sound bite by sound bite. When clients are ready to buy, they'll come to you pre-sold and ready to do business.
  3. Share your best podcast episode links with hosts who will be excited to welcome you to their programs — especially if you are engaging on one or more of the better podcast guesting matchmaking sites such as or One good show appearance often leads to others. That means a much wider audience of listeners or viewers who may be inspired to do business with you.
  4. Share the image from the podcast and the show link in your ezine to your opt in subscribers so they can tune in and be inspired to benefit from your wisdom.  Don't yet have an ezine?  That's a topic for a whole new conversation.
  5. Post the image from the podcast and your show link across the social media platforms where you and your ideal clients are most active. This should bring great relief for those who have never visited ClubHouse, TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram and have no plans to do so anytime soon.  You won't be spending valuable time creating posts on platforms that are not core to your business.
  6. If your ideal clients are in the business to business space, LinkedIn is a great place to share your show links. In addition to making posts about your appearances, upload the show link to the FEATURED section of your LinkedIn profile. I've interviewed some excellent experts about how to make the most of the FEATURED section of the LinkedIn profile.  If you'd like to watch, here are three to get you started:   Viveka von Rosen    Scott Aaron    Debra Mathias
  7. If you have a YouTube channel, create a Media Appearances playlist. Then, upload each show to your YouTube channel in that playlist.
  8. If you lead a Facebook Group or post to a business fan page, post your show links there.
  9. If you and your ideal clients are active on Twitter, post about your show appearances there.
  10. If you are active in the Facebook or LinkedIn groups of others, watch for promotional post opportunities to share your links there. Be sure to put some sizzle in the steak with you post so members have a reason to tune in.

Got ideas to add to this mix?  Let me hear from you.